Just some feelings...

I am just a girl who has feelings.
This girl needs someone to talk to.
Will you listen?


1. Some Dumb Girl

I liked a guy. I was head over heels for him until I saw the real him. The guy that treated girls however he wanted. The guy that didn't care about feelings. The guy that called me "dumb and ugly." How would you feel if the guy you trusted called you these things? What would you do?

I couldn't do anything. I felt betrayed, ugly and broken. I liked him and trusted him with all of my heart. But he broke my trust that day he said "I don't like you" and the day he said "dumb and ugly" and the day his friends made me feel stupid and worthless. I believed that for a bit. I went into school everyday smiling but little did anyone know that this smile was stitched and fake. Everywhere I went people talked and teased me. Rumors spreading everywhere. Fake rumors. It was my own fault for falling in love. I guess that's what the outcome is.

But I will not choose to believe that shit.

I am not dumb, I am intelligent.

I am not ugly, I am gorgeous.

I am not broken, I am in repair.

I am not stupid, I am intelligent.

I am not worthless, I am meaningful.

I for sure know that nobody is perfect but we are all great, independent people who thrive to be perfect but do we actually need to? We can keep trying to be perfect or we can live life to the fullest and reach our goal and make our dreams come true. That's only if we try and wish to. We can all become whatever the HELL we want! Even if some lowlife says you can't! You can! We can get up from the floor and stop sulking in a corner and prove everyone who has ever bought us down wrong! I know that we won't be the ones, people are laughing at, instead we will be the great men and women smiling because we KNOW we have reached where we want to go and we have proved everyone wrong! So if you're going through a rough time let me tell you that you are not worthless and I promise whatever you are going through you are going to get through it as long as we all Stay Strong. ✌🏼️

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