The Moaning Myrtle Mystery.

When Olive Hornby found Moaning Myrtle dead, the girl that driven Myrtle crying into the bathroom of her murder seen, she was left in shock. Professor Armando Dippet got hold of Sherlock Holmes son, Arnold Holmes to come solve a mystery, maybe never to be solved.


2. The Meeting of Arnold Holmes.|Chapter 2

As Professor Dippet thought deep into the night in his office, jotting down his thoughts, for he knew he would forget them. 

A detective would be great. But most of them don't know about magic and Hogwarts. Most wizard detectives are bloody horrible. Maybe a student could. No, they are all too young to find much clues. If only my dear friend, Arnold was still a detective.

"Maybe he will do one more case," Professor Dumbledore announced standing in the doorway of the office.

"How long have you stood there, Albus?" 

"Long enough."

"Albus, Mr. Holmes is 52 and has retired last year after his partner died," 

"Mrs. Holmes? She was a wise old soul,"

"Albus, what are getting at?"

"He is getting at that he is not retired! Oh you old hag!" Elizabeth Burke's portrait burst out. "Mr. Holmes is still doing cases just low-profile!" Professor Dippet sighed and faced Albus, heaved a sigh and stood up, "Albus, let's find Arnold Holmes."


They walked up to 221B Baker Street and knocked three times. There was rustling noises from the inside of the house and a few crashes of loud objects falling. The door creaks open and they meet eye to eye, with a fifty year old man. The tips of his hairs were going grey, thin eyebrows over his brown eyes, a black hat tilting so far back it looked like it was going to fall off his head,his shirt was untucked and he had a long trench-coat reaching his ankles. Arnold Holmes. 

"Albus! Armando! What brings you here?" he sounded surprised.

"There has been a murder at Hogwarts."


"Don't sit on the yellow-ish paper," Arnold said as Albus and Professor Dippet tried to sit on the only couch in the room. "Sorry, for the mess. I am trying to write a memoir of all my cases," he said rushing around the room picking up all the papers on the floor. "Drink up the tea. It is not poison!" he said fidgeting in his chair, trying to find a comfortable spot. Albus and Professor Dippet clear the couch and sat on the lumpy couch, "We can't drink this tea, for it is not tea Mr. Holmes, it is just boiling water," Albus said sitting the mug on the only clear spot on the coffee table. As Professor Dippet continued drinking the boiled water.

"I think I ran out of teabags," Arnold reckoned, "Now, this murder, who was it?"

"It was Myrtle Warren" 

"Muggle-born? If I am right saying"


"Know anything about the murder"

"There was no blood. It was in the first floor girls bathroom. She was crying in a stall, because she was teased for wearing glasses."

"Which year was she in?"

"Year 3"

"Couldn't have done The KIlling Curse on herself, probably haven't learnt about it. Has she recently consumed a potion?"

"They are checking at this minute. Professor Slughorn said she is capable enough of brewing a dangerous potion."

"Oh, so kinda a nerd."

"Mr. Holmes that is rude and she got bullied for that."

"I think she got murdered by a basilisk, but the chamber of secrets had to be opened by a heir," Albus considered. Arnold thought for a bit before replying, "I've narrowed it down, it is not a Hufflepuff that is the heir, definitely not. Slytherin, there is a high chance it was a Slytherin. Maybe a slight chance it was a Ravenclaw, considering the victim was a Ravenclaw. Gryffindor, there is a slight chance, but only a small percentage," he rambled his conclusion to the Professor's, "Your are quick to conclusions that she was in Ravenclaw," Professor Dippet voiced his astoundment.

"But I am right." He took his coat turning back to face the Professors, "Aren't we going?"

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