Vegan Universe

Smartest female Alien named Alicia Endo who was vegan created copy of universe, but only difference is everyone in this universe including people, animals, marine animals, insects, reptitles are 100% vegan. All steakhouses are called Mock Steakhouse. All McDonald's are not change, but their foods are vegans or Burger King is called VBurger King.
All zoos, aquariums became wildlife and marine sanctuaries.
SeaWorld because wildlife sanctuaries with same roller coaster rides.
All animal circuses including Coles Brother, Ringling Brother and UniverSoul Circuses in this universe don't use animal acts.
New York Blood Center in Vegan Universe provide blood donation to help fundraise for Human Society of USA, PETA, Mercy for Animals, DxE, Collective Free to provide food & waters for chimpanzees.


10. Narrator speaking

Alice had called Susie to open the La Granje Live Poultry Meat Market because she was running late. Alice did not Susie Meatstone was vegan because she was doing undercover investigation for Vegan Universe.

Susie unlocked the store and saw everything was empty. Susie smiled herself first, then she played herself act.

"Oh, my god!" Susie cried in shocked. "All our meats are stolen!"

So Susie called 911 and 911 Operator answered, "911, what's your emergency?"

"This is Susie Meatstone and I volunteer at La Granje Live Poultry Meat Market" Susie said panicky. "Our meats are stolen."

"Meat stolen?" 911 Operator asked suspiciously.

"Yes, it is." Susie said innocently. "Our birds that we turn them into meats are stolen."

"I'll dispatch police officers immediately." 911 operator said.

Soon NYPD came and put CRIME SCENE TAPE around the meat market.

Just then, Alice arrived and show her ID and police officer let her thru.

"Alice, our meat store has been meat-knapped!" Susie cried. "All our birds for meats are gone."

Just then, other NYPD officer said, "Is there anyone who has keys?"

"Everyone who works here has a key but no one will steal meat because they love meat."

"Yes, I love meat." Susie lied, but Alice or police did not notice.

"Who could have done it?"

"Vegans wouldn't come in, so it can't be vegans." Susie said matter-of-factory.

"That's true." Alice said.

"Maybe we should contact all other Meat Market and tell them we have to watch out for Meat-Bandit." Susie suggested.

"Good idea."

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