Vegan Universe

Smartest female Alien named Alicia Endo who was vegan created copy of universe, but only difference is everyone in this universe including people, animals, marine animals, insects, reptitles are 100% vegan. All steakhouses are called Mock Steakhouse. All McDonald's are not change, but their foods are vegans or Burger King is called VBurger King.
All zoos, aquariums became wildlife and marine sanctuaries.
SeaWorld because wildlife sanctuaries with same roller coaster rides.
All animal circuses including Coles Brother, Ringling Brother and UniverSoul Circuses in this universe don't use animal acts.
New York Blood Center in Vegan Universe provide blood donation to help fundraise for Human Society of USA, PETA, Mercy for Animals, DxE, Collective Free to provide food & waters for chimpanzees.


3. La Granje Vegan Meat Market (Susie speaking)

I fall asleep again. It was still around 4pm and I exit the strange room back to La Granje, still holding dead chicken on my hand.

When I look around, there were no chickens or turkeys. There were no cages everywhere.

"Alice, where are turkeys and chickens?" I asked my manager.

Alice (Vegan) turned around and look at me and she notice I was holding a chicken. "Susie, where did you got dead chicken?" she asked. "It's not allowed here. This is vegan meat market."

"I'm confuse." I said. "I got it from you, Alice."

Alice (Vegan) said, "I guess you got here from real world via teleporter room."


"This is Vegan Universe and everything here is 100% and no animal product here." Alice (Vegan) explained. "It was created by female vegan alien called Alicia Endo."

"Vegan Universe?" I asked.

"Yes." Alice (Vegan) said. "All animals, marine animals, aliens, monsters, insects, reptitles are vegan. Tarantura wouldn't bite any one because it is vegan. Alll sharks wouldn't eat human or meat because sharks here are vegan. Snakes wouldn't eat mice; eagles don't eat snakes. Cats don't eat mice. Tigers don't eat meat. Everyone here is 100% vegan even fugutives and criminals."

Just then, Alice (Vegan) reach out for DVD and said to me, "Please watch this video why we don't allowed animal cruelty products here."

"OK." I said. "I will."

I was shocked as I watch full documentary of animal cruelty farms including slaughterhouses, factory farming, fur farms, and dog festival and said, "Horrible. I don't think I don't want to eat meat anymore."

Alice (Vegan) smiled and said, "What do you think?"

"I want to began to be vegan but I cannot change my last name, Meatstone because I used to love meats before I saw the truth behind meat and dairy industries."

"You don't have to change your last name." Alice (Vegan) said. "Go outside and explore and come back. Your real keys works here too."

OK." I said.

Alice gave me leash and said, "Put this leash on your chicken because it's illegal to bring meat."

"OK, I said as I put leash on my chicken and said to Chicken and named her Sally and said, "I'm very sorry for killing your families and eating them."

Alice noticed Sally the Chicken was listening to me and said, "Sally says it's not your fault, so I forgive you."

"Thanks Sally." I kissed Sally and Sally kissed me back.

I exit the La Granje Vegan Meat Market and went to McDonald's nearby.



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