The First Two

I guess you could say I asked for this. Why couldn't I just choose one. I mean Luke was extremely good looking and he was so out there.

Being with him was out of my comfort zone but I liked the thrill and the feeling of a new adventure.... but Ashton...

He was safe. He wasn't a risk. I knew if I chose him it would work out and I would be happy and there would be no damage done....

But is that what I want? I know I don't want to be hurt again because we all know that's the last thing I need but maybe I should play it safe.

Time is running out and if I don't choose soon it'll be too late.

Sorry in advance for the chapters being so short. They will get much longer once more people read. Thank you❤️


3. The Big Day

It's morning. I have to be at work 10 so I woke up at 8 so I could get ready. I start off by taking a nice shower with really hot water. I make sure to deeply wash every strand of my hair so that it'll smell really good. Now comes the part I always dread: Shaving my legs.

After making sure I smelled really nice and shaving everything so I could have baby smooth legs I step out of the shower. I dry myself off completely and throw on some sweatpants and a band tee.

I start by doing my hair first before I do my makeup. I turn on my new Nume curler and wait for it to heat up. I go to the kitchen and make some cereal while I wait for my curler to be nice and hot.

I eat my cereal and go back to my room. I don't want to look like a try hard so I do some nice wavy curls. Not too fancy but I spice it up so its not too casual by adding a couple tiny braids throughout my hair. I spray a little perfume and begin to apply my makeup. I try to do a simple not too heavy makeup because I'm just going to work.

I want to impress Luke but I don't want to go over the top. I just do light foundation, mascara, a small winged eyeliner a little sparkly nude eye shadow and finish with a nude lip.

Now it's time for clothes. Technically I'm supposed to where black skinny jeans and pastel tops but I don't think the manager will mind too much if I don't. I mean, I'll still some what follow it.

I end up wearing some black kind of high waisted shorts that are a bit ripped. Perfect for the hot weather. I throw on a cute sleeping with sirens tank top and I wear my white all star high tops. I take my swing over black leather bag and I'm ready to go. I better hurry up before I'm late. I get in the car and rush to work.

I get to work around 9:50 and I open it up. It's still early so there aren't people here yet but it should be packed pretty soon. I'll just start cleaning and putting returned books away to keep myself occupied.

4 hours later-----

Its 2 in the afternoon and Luke still hasn't come by. What if he doesn't show?? My lunch break is at 2:30. I don't want to leave for lunch because what if I leave and he comes by and I'm not here.

I keep busy and forget about the whole Luke thing. So what if he doesn't come. I've been obsessing over him coming since last night and I woke up early. I even shaved my legs for this boy. Oh well, cute boys come in here all the time, I'm sure to find someone else.

I start waking around the store to see if I need to move some books around when someone taps me on the back. I spin around hoping its Luke but I'm disappointed to see its only Lexi. I mean, I love Lexi and I don't want to stress over Luke but a part of me is still hoping he shows up.

Lexi convinces me to leave the store to Josh, the other employee, and go eat lunch with her. We get in her car and she tells me she's in the mood for Wendy's so I drive us. We stay at Wendy's for a little over an hour. I tell her I have to get heading back.

I get out of my chair and pick up my tray to go throw it out. As in throwing out my food into the trash can, I turn around and completely fall into someone and cause them to spill a bunch of leftover chocolate milkshake all over my shirt and hair. I let out a semi loud shriek and dash into the bathroom.

I look in the mirror and see the horror of the hot mess that I am. I grab a bunch of napkins and run them under the hot water. I start dabbing my shirt and start wondering how I'm going to go meet Luke, looking like this. How am I even going to go back to work looking like this??

Soon Lexi comes into the bathroom and bursts into laughter. I get a bit angry and yell "it's not funny Lex!! How am I supposed to go to work? Or meet Luke??!" She gets quiet and pulls out her makeup and tries to fix me up. I apologize for yelling and continue to try to fix my hair and my sticky clothes.

I hear someone knock on the door and I whisper yell "one minute please." There is a slight pause and then a sort of deep voice says "I'm really sorry about the food. I shouldn't have been right behind you. I hope it's not too bad. I can pay for your shirt."

Lexi finished cleaning me up and I still look pretty bad but what can I do. I open the door and see a tall cute boy with brown curly locks waiting outside the bathroom looking quite upset. He has a little chocolate in his hair and a few drops on his shirt. I can't help but notice how cute he is.

He turns around and looks at me. I looked like a mess so I guess he didn't know what to say. It was getting kind of awkward us just standing there and Lexi had gone to wait in the car so I say "it's alright. This wasn't a new shirt anyway"

The boy holds out his hand and says "I still feel really bad. My name is Ashton."

I shake his hand and reply "I'm serious, don't worry about it. My name is Kacy"

"I like your shirt... Haha Well I mean it probably looked better before I ruined it. But I love that band too. There is actually a little clothing store a couple stores down. I could take you down there and get you a new shirt"

I consider saying no because I really should be getting back to work but I can't go back to work all sticky. So I take him up on his offer.

"That would actually be amazing. But you don't have to pay for it. It's cool"

"No i want to. Come on let's go" is all he says before leading me outside. I tell Lexi that I'll catch up with her later and follow Ashton down the street.

"So tell me about yourself. I'm really curious to know how this super pretty girl with great music taste didn't beat me up for spilling my drink all over her" Ashton tells me.

I start laughing. It was really nice and different meeting and walking with Ashton. Normally I would have been all fluttery around a cute guy. But even though I just met Ashton it felt different. It was like we were already friends.

We continue talking until we reach the store. He comes in with me and we start looking around. This is actually a really cool store. I don't think I've been here before.

We start messing around and we put hats on each other and wear weird sunglasses. We strut down the isle and just bust out laughing at how ridiculous we look dancing in our weird attire. Being here feels so comfortable. I can already tell he's going to be my best friend.

I look down at my phone and freak out. I've been gone for almost 2 hours. I tell Ashton I have to go. He grabs my shirt and jokingly runs to the counter. Little did I know this little goofball wasn't pretending to race me. He was trying to get to the checkout area so he could pay for my shirt before I objected.

I reach him and start taking out my money to pay him back but he won't accept my money so I say thank you and give him a big bear hug.

We go back to the Wendy's because his car was there and he drives me back to Shelves. He gets down with me when we get there and comes inside. We start laughing and play around in the store. I tell him to look around while I go in the back and change my shirt.

I change my shirt as fast as I can because I'm scared Ashton will get bored out there and he'll leave. I come out and see him sitting in the little chair by the little table in the kids section on the store. What a little baby he is.

I go over there and sit down with him. We look so out of place in the small chairs. We continue talking and everything when I see Luke come into the store.

He spots me and comes over to me and Ashton. I say to myself "wow Luke. Only about 7 hours late"

He comes up to me and I stand up. Ashton then stands up as well. Luke has this weird look on his face. Neither of them said anything so it was getting a little uncomfortable.

I break the tension by saying "hey Luke. This is my friend Ashton. We just met when I went to go get lunch a couple hours ago. Ashton, this is my friend Luke."

They both give each other strange looks before Ashton gives me a huge adorable grin and holds out his hand for Luke to shake. Luke hesitates before finally taking Ashton's hand and shaking it.

A customer then calls for help so I tell them to both talk while I go help her. I hope they don't kill each other or something.

I come back and see them both laughing. I was about to join the conversation when Ashton starts talking to me. He tells me "hey Kacy I'm really sorry but I have to go. I have a friend waiting for me at the movies and I don't want to be late. I was going to invite you but your still working so give me your number and maybe we can hangout another day"

I give Ashton my number and he starts to walk away. I'm caught off guard when he turns around and comes back. He says "I'll text you later" and gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek before he exits the store.

I turn back around a see an awkward Luke standing there scratching the back of his neck. I walk over and we start talking.

Luke tells me he's sorry he was late but he forgot he had a lunch date with his mom. We end up talking until it's time to close. I lock up the store and Luke walks me to my car. I wonder if he will ask to go somewhere.

We get to my car and we continue talking about music. Turns out we have a lot in common. He opens my door for me and we both say goodnight. Guess we aren't going to hang out tonight. I'm kinda disappointed now. But not for too long.

Out of no where he starts to lean in and at first I didn't know what was going on but I quickly recover and lean in as well. His lips reach mine and I get butterflies everywhere.

I've kissed guys before. I've kissed many guys before. But this. This was different. I don't know how to explain it. But it was extraordinary. We only kiss for about 10 seconds but that was all it took for me to know that I have feelings for Luke. And I hope he likes me too.

He says goodnight again and his face is super pink. I say "goodnight. I'll text you tomorrow"

I get in my car and start driving home. What a crazy day today has been. I can't stop thinking about what just happened. His lips on mine. It's like I can still feel them and I want to keep replaying it in my head over and over.

I get home and I'm still star struck about everything that today held. I take my shorts off and put on some sweatpants. I'm looking in the mirror when I remember that I still have my new shirt on. And then I start thinking about the great time I had with Ashton today. Wow he really is a great guy.

"Wait. I kissed Luke. Why am I thinking of Ash? Really. I'm calling him Ash now? Damn it Kacy get it together. You wanted Luke and now you almost have him. Ashton is your friend," I say to myself.

Then it hits me. Oh no. What if he isn't just a friend. Kacy what have you done to yourself.


wow things are getting real. Is she going to continue this new experience with Luke or will she play it safe and try to start something with her new friend Ash?

The chapters are getting a bit longer since I have a couple new readers.

Soooo much is coming up soon. Please let me know if this is a story you want to keep reading or if I should just give up and start a new one😁

⚠️⚠️question: do you guys like the short chapters or should I keep making them longer? ⚠️⚠️

Thank you if you have read up to this point and I hope you guys like it.

Thank you❤️

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