Different People

Leah Fraser's parents disappeared mysteriously. Now she has to live with her parents best friends. She's in for quite a ride when she finds out they have a son her age, Danny Rogers, and he takes quite a liking to her.


4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4

 This car ride is literally taking forever. Who drives two hours away to go to a fucking party. It's even worse now, because I have to be a third wheel and sit in the backseat. "Leah, we're going to stop and pick up a friend." "Alrighty." Oh my lord, their setting me up. their picking up a guy so I have someone to hang out with. Danny I will literally kill you in your sleep. "This friend we're picking up doesn't happen to be a guy?" Then Amy turns around. "It is." I was right. Anyways even if they are setting me up with someone, he's probably ugly. 

 We arrive at this guys house literally and hour later. Get walking out of his house and up to the car. I can't see what he looks like, it is dark outside, it's like 9:00 so. He hops in the car and sits next to me, not even acknowledging that I'm there. Good though, I don't want him to know me. So I turn and look outside my window. "Charlie, this is Leah." Well, I guess I got to turn around now. I turn and look at him. Oh my! Maybe he is attractive. Tall, well-built, dark brown hair, and a gorgeous smile. Oh and he has dimples. "Hi Leah." I don't want to seem so desperate to know him so I give him a fake smile and a wave. "Not very talkative are you." Danny cuts in, " That just me she likes you. When we met she would not shut up about her killing me." Danny laughs and so does Charlie. 

 We get to the party, it was a very quiet car ride there, a lot of staring was going on. Charlie jumps out of the car and opens my door for me. He grabs my hand and walks me inside. We get inside, where there are tons of people there. Charlie turns around and looks at me, "You look a lot prettier in the light." I smile. At the moment I' m not happy to be here with all the drugs and alcohol. I'm pretty sure I'm getting high just from standing here. Charlie leaves. "So Leah, what do you think of him?" "Well Danny, I don't know he's a complete stranger. And by the way, just letting you know, I hate you more than I did before." "Leah, I was only trying to do something nice." "Yeah being nice by setting me up with some guy that I might not like. And ignoring the fact that I have a boyfriend!" "You have a boyfriend?" "Why is that so hard to believe?" Yep the boyfriend part is not a lie. His name is Leon, he lives back home. Oh I should probably mention where I live, I live in Scotland. "Leah, I'm sorry. I didn't know. It's not like you tell me everything." "Oh so now this is my fault!" I walk away from Danny, I can not handle him. Oh there's Charlie. I walk up to him. He looks at me and says," It doesn't look like your having fun." "Well, I'm not." He smiles, "Well, we could leave. Only if you want to." I really don't know what he mean by that but I really do want to leave. "Yeah let's go."

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