Mystery of candy corridor Chapter 2: a mysterious world behind trapped doors

Always smiling always walking in a straight line when told to hmm. Very strange but then they realised what was going on around this colourful was the opposite of sweet but sour


1. A mysterious world behind trapped door

They finally had enough courage to go through the gingerbread door when they walked in the thin walls were patterned with colourful and strange designs and the floor a silk smooth rose red colour same for the ceiling the chlostrophic industing walls ended at a mysterious door with a glow coming from underneath, then they heard voices getting louder and louder as they approach.

"Open the door" poppy wisperd 

"It could be very dangerous like I said there could be anything down here and there could be Anything behind this door" rosie replied

"If your not gonna open it then I am" poppy replied

poppy opened the door... there was silence interupted by a loud voice

"What brings you here" 

Poppy and rosie were confused were was this voice coming from in till she revealed herself.

"Hi there nice to meet you I'm Elizabeth the candy queen some call me twhe candy maker or lizzie. You girls must be new here...yes? 

"Yes mam I'm rosie and this is poppy pleasure to meet you"

poppy was shocked to see that all around the room was made of candy there was candy cane trees towering over the red velvet path with gobstoppers flowers neatly place beside the path. a smooth silky chocolate waterfall with marshmallow stepping stones the flow of the river below was like smooth icing on a cake beyond the path there was a beach made of sugary sherbet the feeling of sherbet between my toes is like the feeling if being in warm comfy bed in the middle of winter. And sugar seas on the horizon 

"We also teach magic here" "(but not dark though)" she mumbled 

"This is amazing what magic do you teach here" poppy asked curious about the lovely scenery 

"Well we teach food magic here we teach pupil's how to make food appear out of thin air" Elizabeth replied 

"Why aren't there many people here we just found stair coming down here I would expect loads of other people here" rosie asked 

"Well the thing about that is only people who are new to the school or have found a candy cane secret pass will see the stairs" Elizabeth replied 

She showed them the pass it had candy cane and other sweet patterns and a gold back saying in neat writing 

"You have found 1 of 10 secret passes head to the bottom of the school and don't tell anyone 

from the candy queen"

After showing them the pass 3 girls quickly entered the room 

"Mistress the students are ready" they all said but they didn't sound normal per say the kinda sounded like robots to rosie 

"Thank you girls I'll be there"


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