My cousins bought me tickets to AUSTRAILIA!when we arrive i meet a really sweet guy named Calum.My BFF/cousin had actually set me up with him!he asked me out and I said...


6. Shorty

When I woke up I was in Jacobs arms on the couch.I tried to wriggle out but it wasn't working

Jacobs POV:

I love Dusa. She is soooo sweet and cute. I could cuddle her all day if I could. She was like a little sister to me. Yeah she might be 2 years older but let me tell you,a 15 year old shouldn't be as short as she is. When she went on a date with her friends,she wore heels and was only up to my nose.when she got home she took them off. I went to hug her and noticed she was now to my mouth.

I start to feel her try and get up. I'm not letting that happen! I pulled her closer to me and I heard her gasp.I smiled.I hear her say something under her breath but I let it slide thinking it was probably her cussing.I loosened my grip.

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