My cousins bought me tickets to AUSTRAILIA!when we arrive i meet a really sweet guy named Calum.My BFF/cousin had actually set me up with him!he asked me out and I said...


7. Packing and tears

Dessi's POV

When Jacob pulled me closer I gasped. Then untried moving and my side felt like a Cynder Block was set on it.

"Ow",I mutter.

Shortly after Jacob loosened his grip.I situated my self and fell back asleep.


After I woke up my side hurt so bad but I ignored it and woke up Jacob.

"Jacob wake up!"I whisper yell.

"Hmmm?"he asked still asleep.

"Wake up!"I say again.

"But Johnny I don't want to!"he said STILL asleep! I knew who he was talking about. Johnny is one of Jacobs best friends and he was also a singer.

I laughed and then my side was hurting again.I winced in pain.

I shook Jacob awake and we started packing. We were having a conversation on how much we HATE Ricegum! Then my side pain was unbearable ad I fell to the floor. Jacob rushed over and called Caroline. She rushed in and immediately called the ambulance. Jacob had tears streaming down his face and so did I. I wanted to hug Jacob but I couldn't move. Soon the ambulance arrived. Jacob and Caro rode with me. Jacob couldn't stop crying and I felt terrible! Jacob had called everyone and they would come over when he said they allowed visitors.

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