My cousins bought me tickets to AUSTRAILIA!when we arrive i meet a really sweet guy named Calum.My BFF/cousin had actually set me up with him!he asked me out and I said...


5. Nap...😴


It was about 11:25 and Caro was still asleep.Jacob and I decided to watch some scary movies.Jacob picked food and I picked the movie.Finally I decided on "Clown House",just as Jacob came out of the kitchen.Then he pulled the coffee table closer to the couch that kinda looked like a bed.When he did I sat my laptop on it and sat down.I looked at all the food he got:Coke(my fave soda),Lipton Peach Iced Tea(fave tea),original Lays Potato Chips(fave chips)Nachos,cookies(fave dessert),and of course...BLUBERRIES!!!When he sat down I immediately stuck my finger in the nacho cheese and whipped it on his forehead but he let me do something...I wrote my best 'I love u' on his head for doing what he did to me.After that he took a pic of me and him and I was pointing to his head,we took a bunch of snapchat pics:of me hiving him a kiss on the cheek,him kissing me on the cheek and a sc video of me eating a cookie and trying to get my laptop situated.Then we leaned back and I clicked 'START'.I leaned into Jacob and he cuddled me into his arms.He was sooooo warm.I love Jacob!He's the best cousin a girl like me could ever have.about half way through the movie me and Jacob fell asleep.HE ATE ALL THE NACHOS!! I didn't care he is simply the best and I couldn't ever ask for more than my BFF.

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