My cousins bought me tickets to AUSTRAILIA!when we arrive i meet a really sweet guy named Calum.My BFF/cousin had actually set me up with him!he asked me out and I said...



I was walking to my cousins',Caroline and Jacob Sartorius,(Jacob is also a social media star and singer...they are my favorite cousins!i have been living with my aunt in Virginia ad my cousins since my dad was killed.I know what your thinking...why didn't you go back with your mum?Well I was but they couldn't reach her and she still doesn't have a clue were I am and if dad is alive.:((Anyway when I got to the house Jacob a Caro(Caroline's nickname)were rustling around the living room and it looked like they were trying to do the 'act casual' thing they do in movies and tv shows cause let me tell ya...what I saw was anything but normal.Jacob is a weirdo anyway but he was standing up shoulders sprawled I front of him and legs moving like jello and Caro was on the floor doing a funny supermodel pose and a plastered fake smile from both of them.

"My legs are about to fly off!"Jacob tells trying to hold his smile.i chuckle and he breaks and we all start laughing.Caro still hasn't moved and Jacob walks over to the kitchen and gets a box of Lucky Charms.he texts me from the kitchen to come and get his phone and video it for snapchat I told Caro I was gonna get my anxiety meds and take them and she nodded and said she's not moving.I laughed.When I got there Jacob gave me his phone and told me to go sit in there in like a minute so it would seem like I really took my meds and he would follow me in.I nodded as waited.Soon I walked into the room and looked at Caro she wouldn't move her head and that caused me to chuckle.I saw Jacob approach her from behind and I got ready he gave me the thumbs up.I called we name and she looked at me out of instinct soon there was Cereal EVERYWHERE!Thats when I popped off and said,"She need some milk"in a mocking tone.The Jacob picked up 3 folded pieces of paper.

"What's this?!"he said with a devilish smile.

That's when Caro stood up and stood by Jacob.Them they started singing 'Happy Birthday' and then I remembered that today was Nov.12 which is my birthday!!

"OMG I totally forgot today was my birthday!"I exclaimed.

Jacob rolled his eyes playfully and handed me the pieces of paper and called me an idiot with long blonde hair.we had stupid nicknames for each other.Of course u know Caroline's is Caro for both of us.The nickname I call Jacob is,Jack the Giant,since he is taller than me and he's 13!Jacob calls me Idiot with long blonde hair when I do something idiotic and Dusa when I'm kinda sad because when I was around 15 Caro brought back "The Story Of Madusa" and that movie always made laugh.He was young so he couldn't properly say it right and it's been Dusa for as long as I can remember.

"OPEN THEM ALREADY!"Caro said with a smile.

"C'mon Dusa!"Jacob yelled

I laughed and opened them.When I did I saw that it was 3 tickets to...to...to...

"AUSTRAILIA!?!?!?!"I asked trying not to cry.

"One for each of us!Happy Birthday Dusa!"Jacob yelled.

AUSTRAILIA has always been my dream and I was finally going with the best people ever!

"Who...what...when...WHY!?"I asked trying to process everything.

"It was Jacob.He came up with the idea,bought the tickets,and set the whole plan up.Of course I didn't like the cereal part but it was worth it.

I looked at Jacob and let the tears go.He smiled and started crying too.

"OMG you guys are soooo weird.Im going to take a nap.Jacob make sure you clean up the mess."Caro yelled as she walked to her room.

I liked at Jacob and I pulled him into a hug.he always knew me better than Caro since me and Jacob share a room.Its not because Caro didn't want to it's just that we are always together and I felt bad cause Jacob got sad when I never spent time with him and I finally moved into his room.:))

"I love you Jacob!"I told him letting my tears fall in his 'Playlist Live' shirt.

"I love you too Dusa!"he said rubbing my back.

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