My cousins bought me tickets to AUSTRAILIA!when we arrive i meet a really sweet guy named Calum.My BFF/cousin had actually set me up with him!he asked me out and I said...


2. Heyyy...I'm Dessi!

Heyyyyy!!!Im Dessi!(pronounced:Des-c)I'm 15 years old and I live with my cousins.A thing u might need to know about me before I continue with my life is that...My name is actually...Desscilia Rose Hemmings.You read that correctly:Hemmings.Luke Hemmings?My twin brother that I haven't seen in about 13 years.My parents divorced when we turned 6 and my mom stayed in Austrialia with Luke and my unstable dad and I moved to Ireland.I met a really nice guy there named,Niall,he was my BFF and then my dad got in trouble with the law and we moved to Portland and my dad got got a lot better and he found a really nice girl!A few months pass and I got a call while I was on my 3rd daily run saying I had to get to the Portland Emergency Care Center ASAP.I had no idea of what it was about but I went anyways.When I got there the nurses and doctors noticed me and were murmuring on who was gonna come and talk to me.Finally I went over there and Callie's dad,Mark,pulled me to the side and told me to sit down.I did so and what came next was what made me happy I was sitting.


"Your father...I'm so sorry Des...but your father was shot and killed in a bank parking lot,"Mark told me.

I stood there bewildered at what was happening.

"They say that the person who shot him knew him well cause it was his gun.They are suspecting Luna.They think she did it for his insurance money,"he explained.

"WHAT THATS CRAZY!But it's possible...isn't it?"I asked as it had all synced in.

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