Dear diary

Elena is starting on a new school and she's looking forward to it but everyting is not what it looks like.
Elena is balancing on a knife's egg.
She could tell her friends her secret and show Them the monster she is or she could just walk away without telling them.
And the worst thing something bad is comming and it's moving fast towards them.


7. 30th of September

Dear diary

I'm writing for the second time today. It's not normal for me (I know and I should because my family have mentioned that for a long time now). But I have something to tell you or at least just write it because it's unbelievable. I went out hunting with my brothers. It went pretty well. I found some jaguars and got som blood in my veins. It shocked me. But it wasn't a mind trick. It was real. Right there in front of me. It was a portal. Normal humans could just see a hole in the tree, but with my super senses I could see a portal. I freaked out. I actually screamed, so my dad came and asked what was wrong, but before he could finish his sentence, he saw it. He took me away from the portal. We ran back to mom, Stefan and Elijah. We told them about the portal. When they heard it mom said that we should run back to the mansion. And we did. So here we are. When I looked into the portal I saw my friends. Or I thought I did, but instead there was a werewolf, an elfin and a dragon girl. And then it turned into a mirror, And I saw myself as what I truly are. A vampire. It shows who you really are. So my mysterious friends, also have big secrets to carry on their shoulders.

But I can't believe it. I will go to sleep now so I can think about it.

Bye for now

XOXO Elena Salvatore

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