Dear diary

Elena is starting on a new school and she's looking forward to it but everyting is not what it looks like.
Elena is balancing on a knife's egg.
She could tell her friends her secret and show Them the monster she is or she could just walk away without telling them.
And the worst thing something bad is comming and it's moving fast towards them.


15. 2nd of November

It was dark. My skin was shining like the moon. My teeth was burning whit excitement for the hunt. It was horrible. I can't control my feelings. It's like my worst nightmare. The only sound was my fast steps in the deserted and dark alley. I stopped. My teeth got pointy, then I smelled it. The fresh aroma of… Blood. I got hungry. I started to walk again. I came to a street full of people. I walked in to a dusty old looking corner grill. I moistened my lips. I was scared, but also a little excited. I saw a girl walk into the toilet. I set after her. "I honestly don't hope that she's alone out there." said a tiny voice in my head. But she was and I walked towards the room and ended beside her. She started crying. "What's bothering you my friend?" I said with the sweetest voice I could make. "I'm new here to town and I'm all alone here, no friends no family!" she answered. "What happened to your family and friends?" I asked again. "They were all eaten by vampires, but the worst part is that my brother were transformed into one of those evil monsters, and then they killed him in front of us all!" she whispered. "I promise you that you'll soon see your family and friends again!" I promised her. I looked her in the eyes and began to compel her "you'll not gonna scream or say a noise, it's not gonna hurt, don't worry, you'll soon see them again."

Then I showed her the real monster that was hide inside of me. My vampire part. I wasn't human in those three seconds, my humanedy was all gone. I looked at her. She looked terrified. But I didn't care. I walked around her and looked at her. My theeth got pointy, and I knew that I couldn't hold it down anymore. I began to feed on her. The warm and fresh taste of blood directly from the vane. It filed me up and I could feel the strength I got from it. Then I got myself back.…

I ran back to my house and lay down on the bed. I just killed a human. I fell asleep a moment after.

I called Damon through telepathy, when I woke up, and told him the story.

Dear diary

I can't go to school in the next while, because I'm not under control. But tomorrow they will come over and we'll have a sleepover. I'm so excited for it and I need to tell them what happened to me tonight. I know that it's really really short today but I don't have anymore to write about.

XOXO Elena Salvatore

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