Dear diary

Elena is starting on a new school and she's looking forward to it but everyting is not what it looks like.
Elena is balancing on a knife's egg.
She could tell her friends her secret and show Them the monster she is or she could just walk away without telling them.
And the worst thing something bad is comming and it's moving fast towards them.


2. 1st of july

Dear diary

Today is a very sunny day so I can't be outside because I kinda broke my ring, or my brother (Elijah) did. He is also a vampire. And something I forgot to tell you, I have two twin brothers there names are Stefan and Elijah

The stone didn't break (puh) because it is made of lapis lazuli, but the silver around the stone did break into two pieces.

Fortunately my father know a man who can fix it.

Sorry that I haven't wrote in a while, but there's nothing to write about at the time because I'm just inside every day

I actually began to draw a lot of drawings of three people that I keep seeing in my dreams, I don't know why I see them all the time I don't know them at all. but I think our future will cross some day, and it will maybe bee important for the rest of our lives

XOXO Elena Salvatore

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