My name is Victoria Bo. I am 23 and I've been the same age since the year 1482. I am the last of the Bo family and have enemies almost everywhere in the world. I came to Ohio to start over. I was always the good person, helping others. Until now. There's only so much hurt a person can take before they break.


1. Normal

Victoria woke up in a cold sweat. It was the same dream every night. She had a lot of enemies and they will haunt her forever. There is one person that will haunt her the most, the girl that she couldn't save. She pulled the covers off to reveal her pale legs that were toned and had tribal tattoo's on her thighs. Her black tank top showing her multiple tattoo's on her left arm that were in a different language and a full sleeve on her right.

She grabbed a cigarette from her bedside and went to the deck in her backyard. She was able to be in the sunlight without being hurt because of the same girl who she let down many years ago. She happened to be a witch that helped Victoria with the sunlight. The dog tags she wears are enchanted that protect her from the rays.

She looked out at the sun starting to rise. Illuminating the city life in front of her. She wasn't in the city, more like on the outskirts. No neighbors means no problems. She took another puff while the heat hit her face. Exhaling the smoke she muttered, "Another day in paradise."

She had moved to Garrington Ohio a month ago with her best friend and partner in crime Brea. She was a werewolf. The treaty says they should be enemies, but they couldn't break their bond. Brea had broken the treaty four centuries ago when she betrayed her leader by helping a wolf that she fell in love with from his death sentence. Victoria found out and helped them escape. The man didn't make it, but they have been on the run ever since. Brea hasn't aged which confused Victoria. She never understood werewolves, but she wasn't about to question it.

Victoria went in the bathroom and removed her shirt, revealing scars covering her defined abs. They were more masculine, but she also had girly hips. Not much, but they were there. On her left collar bone, just above her heart were two names tattooed. William and Lilith. She stared in the mirror at the two names. Her parents that should've been there all these years, but taken away from her as soon as she took her first breathe. She had another tattoo on her right rib cage with her lost lovers name. 'Annabelle.'

June 17th, 1857...

"Why aren't you more excited about this?" The redhead asked the raven haired girl.

"I am, it's just. I don't want to get my hopes up on something that might not work."

"Come on Victoria, I am giving you the chance to walk in the sun. Defy the vampire curse!"

"It's still going to be a curse."

"A brighter one at least."

Victoria smiled at that. "I've been living in the shadows since 1482 Annabelle, I would love nothing more than to be in the sun."

"Than what is stopping you?"

Victoria thought on this. There was nothing stopping her. Maybe it wasn't as impossible as she had been led on. "Nothing, lets do it."

Annabelle smiled and took the rectangular necklace off her own neck and placed it in Victoria's hands before chanting something in a different language. Then there was nothing.

"Is that it?"


"It was that simple?"

"Of course. Check it out for yourself."

The raven haired girl pulled back the wood that covered the window and let the rays of sunlight shine upon her. She smiled. "It doesn't burn. I- I feel nothing! Annabelle! Thank you! Thank you so much!" She said while running over and was embracing the redhead in less than a second. "I love you."

"I love you more."

Victoria shook her head, ridding herself of the memory. She always found it amusing. An eternity of misery. When she was younger she had always wanted to be in her twenties. Twenty three was her favorite number, she never knew she would be that age forever. Funny how life works out sometimes.

She finished getting ready. Dressed in her regular black skinnies, white vneck, boots and a floral snap back. When she entered her garage, there were a variety of vehicles. A black and red Harley, Jeep, purple Jeep, and some she didn't even know the name of, but ended up with them all. At the very end was her trusty beat up silver Prius. It was her first car and it blends in with all of society.

She pulled out her phone and text Brea. Be ready in ten. I need my daily dose of Brea

The response came back almost instantly. We better do something normal. The full moon is coming in a few days and I feel antsy.

She reached her friends house and honked twice before a very tall, lean woman ran out and got in. Her long bright blue hair in a bun. "Don't you look good." Victoria said before heading off.

"Such a flatterer. I just threw something on. Where are we going anyway?." Brea said while smirking.

"Wherever you want. As long as we don't do anything crazy. We still need to be under the radar."

"Lets go to the mall. I need clothes. I haven't changed my wardrobe since the seventies."

"That was a great year!" Victoria defended.

"Oh please. Just drive."

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