My name is Victoria Bo. I am 23 and I've been the same age since the year 1482. I am the last of the Bo family and have enemies almost everywhere in the world. I came to Ohio to start over. I was always the good person, helping others. Until now. There's only so much hurt a person can take before they break.


3. Lies

"What the hell was Zayne thinking? He's banned from being anywhere in this state. If the council finds out, he's worse out than us. Why would he risk it?" Brea said while folding her new clothes that she stole before leaving.
"He came to warn me."
"Why? Last time I checked you two hated each other."
"I do hate him, but something about him being the one who raised me as a newborn vampire gives us a bond that we can't break. It's in our nature to help each other out."
"I don't understand your kind. Like seriously."
"That makes two of us." Vickie said while laying back on the island chair and putting her feet on the chair next to her.
"What did he say exactly?"
"That the council is starting an army and that they want their town back."
"Let me guess, Garrington." Victoria just nodded. "Well we can't let that happen. There has to be a way to stop it."
"What? You and I against the entire vampire council? That's not how I planned on ending my eternal life."
"Then what are we going to do?"
"Stick to the plan, be normal. At least try. We will cross that road if it even comes to that. We need to lay low though, we are still wanted."
"Okay, but if they show up, we are outta here."
"Yeah I know." Victoria said while getting up. She was about to go to the couch before the doorbell rang. "Expecting someone?"
"I kinda ordered pizza." Brea said looking down.
"What? Unlike you I have to eat actual food to live."
"Shut up." Vickie smiled a bit. "I'll get it." She said before opening up the door. There were two people, one with straight blond hair and the other was a hooded man. "Can I help you?"
She didn't have time to react, the woman drove a wooden stake through her sternum that forced Victoria back and trying for air. This opened a path to Brea as the man shot a silver bullet that hit her shoulder. She went down, screaming in pain, eyes a dark yellow.
The blond ran up to Victoria quickly and grabbed her neck. "Consider this a warning. Get the hell out of here before you get yourself killed." She growled before taking out the stake and ramming it in Victoria's thigh and throwing her into the drywall by the door. They both ran off.
"What the fuck was that!" Brea shouted while pulling out the bullet. 
Victoria took a few deep breathes before sitting up. "That was my sister." She said as she slowly started to heal.
"You've got to be kidding me." Brea said while shutting the door and going to her friend. 
"We might have a problem."
June 16th, 1483
The raven haired girl knocked on the wooden door that caused a slight pain on her knuckles. A blond woman that look like Victoria answered. 
"Hello Serina."
"You are alive! I have been searching for you." She said while hugging her younger sister. "What happened?"
"It's a long story."
"Well we have plenty of time." She said, motioning for her to come in. Victoria tried, but it was like there was an invisible force field blocking her. "What is it Victoria?"
"I can't come in until you invite me sister."
"Oh come on, you were never this polite before, get in here."
"I can come in?"
That's when the force lifted and she made her way in. Zayne warned her about this. He disagreed with her coming all together, but she had to tell her sister. They were too close to keep it a secret, but how do you tell your sister after missing for a year that you are a vampire?
"Where did you go? Mother and father were worried sick about you. Jarrod, well, he is a mess."
"I needed to get away. I wanted adventure and to be free."
"How did that work out for you?"
"Not exactly how I wanted it to happen, but I am happy."
"I'm just glad you are okay."
"Serina, I need to tell you something and I do not know how you will respond."
"We are sisters. You can tell me anything."
Victoria took a deep breath, not that it dis anything. "I never made it back home because I died on my last birthday."
"That's impossible because you are standing right here." Victoria ran at her, closing the distance in what looked like a blur and placed Serina's hand on her chest where her heart should be beating, but there was nothing. "How is that possible?" She asked while rushing to the other room. 
"Please Serina. Do not freak out."
"Freak out? You are dead! How are you here?"
"Are you not happy to see me?"
"What are you!"
Serina's tone caused a tear to roll down Victoria's cheek. "I am a vampire."
"Those are just myths."
"Myth busted." Victoria said, trying to keep her sister calm. 
"Get out! You are not my sister!"
"Serina please."
"I said to get out! You are no longer welcome in my home."
"That's not how it works."
That's when Serina grabbed a blade and started to swing at Victoria. "Stop! You are going to get hurt."
"Get out!" She swung one last time, almost hitting the raven haired girl. Causing her to block it, not knowing her own strength, it went back and impaled her sister. Blood came out of her shoulder, spewing out like a fountain, landing on Victoria's face and clothes. Oh no. She thought. Her eyes turned red and orange and all she could smell was blood. She was still a newborn, she had no control.
"I'm sorry." Is all she said before she lunged and pulled the knife out, biting down on the deep wound. Serina bean to scream, but soon it felt like pleasure was ripping through her entire being. 
"Please Victoria. Stop." Was all she could let out, followed by a whimper. 
"Victoria!" Zayne's voice boomed from the now open doorway. You must stop!"
She did as she was told and sprinted to her owner. "There there. It will be okay."
"Is she dead?" Victoria cried. 
"She will be if I don't turn her."
"Please don't. She will never forgive me."
"Very well. We must go, before someone else comes."

"That fucking asshole." She said before going to the back door.
"Where are you going?" Brea asked.


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