My name is Victoria Bo. I am 23 and I've been the same age since the year 1482. I am the last of the Bo family and have enemies almost everywhere in the world. I came to Ohio to start over. I was always the good person, helping others. Until now. There's only so much hurt a person can take before they break.


2. Complications

"What do you think of this?" Brea asked while holding up a short red dress.

"I'm not to good with fashion." Victoria stated with a smile.

"I just need to know if I would look hot in it, and since your my only friend and you like girls, you're the only valid opinion I can get."

"Just go try it on weirdo." Brea smiled and did as she was told. Victoria looked around and found a black button up that she seemed to like. She always tried to keep up with what was trending, but after being alive for so long, she just wings it most of the time. She was looking at shoes when something, or rather someone, caught her attention. She didn't bother looking, she couldn't hear a heartbeat. Victoria took the shirt and went into on of the small empty fitting rooms, not bothering to lock it. Whoever was watching her, wasn't human. She just couldn't get a good look at the persons face. 

Everything was in slow motion, she was good at this part, she knew what she was doing. She could hear the footsteps that to a human, would seem like someone was running. She took a deep breathe, before grabbing the dumb ass that just entered by the collar of their shirt and slammed them against the wall. Her fangs were out, eyes a a dark orange with a blood red covering where the white should be. That's when she saw familiar black eyes. "What? Not happy to see me old friend?" The mans voice said in a hushed tone.

"Zayne?" Victoria asked, going back to looking normal and letting the large, muscular man down.

"Come on Vickie, smile some more."

"What the hell are you doing here?"

"I thought you would be glad to see me. I mean, I am the one who gave you eternal life."

"You're the one who cursed me and forced me to turn. I have nothing but anger towards you."

"Oh come on, its been what... Five hundred and thirty years? That's a long grudge."

"When are you going to tell me why you're here. I know its not to turn me in because that would be stupid of you to even attempt." She couldn't say anymore before she was thrown against the wall and held in the air by the neck. 

"Do not forget who you are speaking too. I am a hell of a lot older than you and I could kill you in a second."

"What's stopping you." She growled.

He put her down and straightened up a bit. "Would you believe me if I said I just wanted to see you?"

"No." She said almost immediately . 

He laughed a bit. "Because you and Brea are in danger and you are going to be of use to me in the future. So I need you alive."

"I've been in danger for centuries. Why show up now?"

"Because the originals are starting an army. They want their town back."

"What town is that?"

"The one you and your little wolf friend are trying to start fresh in."

"Do they know we are here?"

"No, but it's only a matter of time before they find out. You are going to need my help. Here's my number." He said, handing her a folded sheet. "Call me of you need anything. And I mean anything."

She unfolded it, just to look up and the man was gone.

March 30th, 1482

"You are getting so old Victoria." Jarrod said as he fixed his short black hair. 

"Shut it brother. You are thirty one. I still have my youth." Victoria said while nudging her older brother.

"So my dear Vickie, what are your plans of celebration?"

"The council is hosting a party in my name. I am going there."

"How did you pull that off?"

"It was father." Vickie said while putting her finger to her lips, then pointed to her ear.

Jarrod caught on and nodded. "Well, have fun with that."

"You are not coming with me?"

"Sorry sister, but I was not invited to this lovely gathering."

"Lucky." She whispered.

"Have fun!" He said before kissing his sisters cheek and headed out. After waiting a few moments, she followed and started making her way to where her friend stayed. 

It was close to midnight when she left to go home. She was walking down the street, when she heard a plea for help. She looked around to see a woman like figure against a wall, doubled over in pain. "Miss?" She asked a bit loud, but the girl did not respond. 

Victoria walked into the alley way to see the woman. She stopped crying and stood up straight. "Are you alright?" Victoria asked.

"I am about to be." The woman sounded angelic, yet somehow frightening. That's when Vickie noticed the girls teeth were sharp, dagger like. She felt strong arms wrap around her and excruciating  pain on her neck that transferred through her entire being. She tried to scream, but nothing came out. Soon the pain, turned soothing. It felt good. 

"Enough." A mans deep voice echoed through the alley. The woman dropped Victoria and she crumbled to the floor. "You took too much blood. She will die." He said kneeling beside the woman.

"And what is so wrong with that?" 

"There is something about her that is different. I can feel it radiating through her. Hello my darling." He said while caressing her cheek. "I know you are scared and weak, but I am going to save you and give you a life full of action and adventure. An eternity of greatness. Be calm."

"Don't do this Zayne." The woman said.

"Do not tell me what to do. We will need her." He said while biting down on his wrist and placing the open wound near Victoria's mouth. "Drink my dear. You will be alright. I promise to take care of you."

Victoria took a small sip and nearly choked. After a few moments, the need for it became overwhelming. She grabbed the mans forearm and drank it like water. "That a girl. Drink up, we have much to teach you."

"Victoria? Are you alright?" Brea's voice broke the blond out of her trance as she stared at her friend with worried eyes. Brea caught on quickly. "So much for a normal weekend. Come on, I'll drive home."

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