Something More // Zayn Malik

"I'm just a fan though," I whispered against his lips, his hot breath fanning my face.

"Not any more." He muttered, backing me up against the wall. "You're so hot baby girl, I want you."

"Zayn," I mumbled as his hands went down to give my bum a squeeze. "Are you sure about this?"

"Fayza I want to fuck you right now against this wall." His lips attached to my neck, sucking and licking.

A moan escaped my lips out of pleasure as my hands went up to his chest.

Just a fan? A fan my ass.


5. Chapter 4

Chapter 4

"Alecia you don't fucking understand!" I shout at my friend in the halls of our school, making everyone turn and give us strange looks.

"Fayza shut up!" Alecia whisper shouted. "You're causing a scene."

"Causing a scene?" I question with wide eyes. "No shit! Zayn mother fucking Malik agreed to go to prom with me!"

I was currently trying to explain to Alecia what happened last night in the DMs with Zayn. She didn't believe it, she thought I was making it all up. I even showed her the messages, but she still thinks it's fake.

"Fayza, you're going insane. He's a celebrity, he wouldn't want to go to prom with a freaking fan. I mean come on, let's be honest." She explains, crossing her arms and leaning against the locker behind her.

I sighed, looking down at the messages on my phone. I started to scroll through the conversation with Zayn and I last night, starting at the part where Zayn said he would go to prom with me.

Zayn: Ya I'll go to prom with you

Fayza: hahahahah yea right lol

Zayn: No I'm serious aha

Fayza: is this even the real zayn

Zayn: No the real Zayn died yesterday

Fayza: haha very funny

Zayn: I'm serious though, I would go to prom with you. How old are you?

Fayza: you're actually serious?????? and i'm turning 19 on the day of prom :)))

Zayn: Yea I'm dead serious I would do anything for a fan. Anything to make them happy. They do everything for me so I will do anything for them. So I'm down to go to prom with you. Plus I didn't finish high school so I couldn't go to my own prom so this would be fun :)

Fayza: zayn you're making me cry

Zayn: Don't cry love. I'm here to make you happy

Fayza: I love you so much. I can't believe you're actually agreeing to go.

Zayn: Love you too :)

Zayn: When is the prom

Fayza: Next week on Friday

Zayn: Where do you live

Zayn: I sound like a creep lol

Fayza: lmao i live in San Francisco

Zayn: So I'll fly there then


Zayn: Haha I meant on an airplane

Fayza: i know haha

Zayn: You never told me your name

Fayza: it's Fayza

Fayza: Fayza Zaman :)

Zayn: Cute haha

Fayza: :)

Fayza: zayn you honestly made my whole life

Zayn: God made your whole life

Fayza: lol you know what i mean!

Zayn: Haha I know glad to hear that Fayza :)

Zayn: I'll talk to you tomorrow, goodnight :) x

Fayza: night zayn :)

"Fayza, snap out of it." I heard Alicia say.

I looked up from my phone and gave Alicia a glare. "I can't snap out of it! Oh God I feel like crying. I'm so happy, you have no idea."

"I'm happy for you too." Alicia smiled. "I don't think he'll actually show up to prom with you though."

A groan escaped my lips. "He said he will though!"

She shrugged. "We'll see about that. If he actually does go with you, everyone is going to be all over him."

The bell rang, indicating that the first class of the day was going to start. I started to make my way to class, grinning the whole time as I thought of Zayn and I going to prom together.

I was going to meet him. He was going to fly to San Francisco to take me to prom. I was going to have the best time of my life.

This was unreal. This has to be a dream.

I felt happy tears form in my eyes but I quickly blinked it away.

In less than a week, I was going to meet Zayn and go to prom with him.

I felt like shitting myself.


After school was finally over, I drove home to find my mother's car parked in the driveway. It meant that she was home early from work because she usually comes home at around dinner time.

Seeing her car made my stomach have a weird feeling out of being nervous. I bit my bottom lip as I remembered that I still have to have permission to go to prom.

Fuck my parents for being so damn strict and not letting me go anywhere.

I got out of my own car and started to slowly walk up the front door to my house. I tucked a piece of my black hair behind my ear and walked up the steps. Opening the door, the smell of Arab food hit my nostrils, meaning that my mom had cooked.

"Mama I'm home!" I announced as I threw my backpack on the floor. I walked inside the living room to see my mom sitting on the sofa, a magazine in her hands.

"Hello sweetie." She greeted me.

"Hey mama." I sat down beside her, nervously gulping. "I have to talk to you."

"What is it?" She asks as she set down the magazine on the coffee table.

"I want to go to prom." I stated.

She raised her eyebrows. "We already talked about this."

Sighing, I pulled out my phone and opened up the Twitter app. I started to show her the DMs with Zayn and I started to explain everything. I told her how much Zayn meant to me, and how much I wanted to go.

At the end I felt like crying. I guess she noticed that because she had a soft look on her face.

"Fayza, I know how much you want to go but there's no way your dad is going to let you go. Especially with a celebrity."

I frowned. "Dad doesn't have to know! You have no idea how much this means to me."

My mother sighed. "I don't know how you made that boy agree to go with you. But fine, you can go only because your favorite singer is going with you. I don't want you to do anything stupid though."

My eyes widened and I tackled my mom in a hug. "Thank you so much." I whispered. "But what about dad?" I pulled away from the hug.

"I'll take care of him. For now, just look forward to prom next week."

I grinned, thanking my mom a million times. I ran upstairs and jumped on my bed. I took out my phone to DM Zayn.

Fayza: hey so i finally convinced my parents to let me go to prom :)

I waited ten minutes, and after that there was still no reply. I decided to go down and grab a snack.

I jogged down the stairs and entered the kitchen. I opened the fridge and grabbed an apple. Taking a seat on the table, I took a bite out of my apple just as I heard my phone ding.

I almost choked on the apple as I quickly pulled out my phone. It was a Twitter notification. I felt my stomach flip while I opened up the notification.

Zayn: Yay aha so next week on Friday?

Fayza: yup! do you need the details now?

After replying, I continued to take bites out of my apple. I started to day dream of Zayn and I at prom, grinning and giggling to myself like an idiot.

What felt like fifteen minutes, I finally heard my phone ding again which interrupted me of my little day dream about Zayn. I unlocked my phone to see what he sent.

Zayn: Yea just give me your address, that would be great. So I'm planning to land in San Francisco around Thursday night or Friday morning. Oh and I'll check in a hotel near your place. Then on Friday, I'll get ready and meet you at your house before the prom starts. Does that sound good?

Fayza: yea that sounds good!

I started to send him my information, where the school is, my address, what time he should meet me, etcetera. I would be lying if I didn't say that I almost peed myself. I couldn't believe this was happened, it seemed so unreal. My dreams are coming true. I almost started sobbing.

Zayn replied almost immediately.

Zayn: Alright cool! I'll buy a flight ticket soon :)

Fayza: zayn you have no idea how much this means to me. thank you so much. i just can't explain how grateful i'am. you're honestly the best idol ever.

Fayza: i could cry right now.

Zayn: Aw Fayza! You're welcome. You've supported me so this is like a way of saying thank you, plus since prom is on the day of your bday it's also like a birthday present! Haha. I wish I could do this to every fan though

Zayn: I love my fans very much :) You guys are family

Fayza: you're the best zayn. i can't wait to see you!!!!!!!!

Zayn: Haha :)

Zayn: I'm not gonna lie but I've been stalking your Twitter account

Zayn: Hahahaha all the tweets about me.... You're adorable

Zayn: Is that you in your profile picture?

I started choking on my apple again. I ran to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water, quickly chugging it down.

"Shit." I said to myself, grabbing my phone and rereading the recent messages that Zayn sent. He stalked my account, holy fuck that means he saw all the embarrassing tweets about him.

All the tweets about how hot he is, or how I want to fuck him. Or even how he's daddy material.

Holy fuck, that is embarrassing.

On the bright side, he called me adorable!

I felt the heat rise to my cheeks when I remembered that he asked if that was me in the profile picture. Clicking on my account, I clicked on my picture to see that it was a selfie of me in one of the snapchat filters.

I didn't look that bad, but I wish I had a better picture of me that Zayn saw instead.

I replied to his message.

Fayza: yea lol that's me.....

Zayn: You're beautiful :) x

I started to cry. Tears were streaming down my face. I just couldn't believe it. My idol, my king, my everything called me beautiful.

I was just a regular fan. How was this happening to only me?

I sniffed, wiping away my ears before I started to message him back.

Fayza: thank you so much zayn :)))))

Zayn: No problem love x

Zayn: I have to go now I'll talk to you soon. Bye Fayza! x

Fayza: bye, can't wait to see you :)

Right when I put my phone down, Alecia walked through the door.

"Let's go." She demanded.

I raised my eyebrows. "Where?"

She rolled her eyes. "Dress shopping you idiot! We need dresses for prom!"

I immediately grinned, excitement taking over me.

I just wish prom was already here so I could meet Zayn.

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