Something More // Zayn Malik

"I'm just a fan though," I whispered against his lips, his hot breath fanning my face.

"Not any more." He muttered, backing me up against the wall. "You're so hot baby girl, I want you."

"Zayn," I mumbled as his hands went down to give my bum a squeeze. "Are you sure about this?"

"Fayza I want to fuck you right now against this wall." His lips attached to my neck, sucking and licking.

A moan escaped my lips out of pleasure as my hands went up to his chest.

Just a fan? A fan my ass.


3. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Bored out of my mind during math class, I reach out to grab my phone. I tap on the Instagram icon, refreshing my feed for the billionth time.

I absolutely hated math.

I scrolled down my feed on Instagram, completely ignoring what the teacher was saying. A sigh escaped my lips as Instagram started to get boring. I exited out of the app and instead opened up the Twitter app.

Immediately I clicked on Zayn's profile, almost getting a heart attack when I didn't see the 'follows you', but it popped up a second later. The two words made me grin like an idiot.

I still cannot believe that Zayn, my everything, followed me. He followed me, something that I thought would never happen.

Still grinning at the thought of Zayn, I went to my DM's and clicked on the chat with Zayn. I looked through the spam of messages I sent him, a frown coming on my face as I saw that he had not replied.

I shouldn't bring my hopes up, it's obvious that he won't reply.

Me being me, I still had a small hope.

I sent him another message.

Fayza: ZAYN

Fayza: hi i love you

Fayza: will you ever reply??????

Fayza: thanks for following me

Fayza: i love you so much you don't even understand :(((((



My head snapped up when I heard someone yell my name. Looking up, I saw my teacher giving me a glare.

"Phone away, before I take it." She stated sternly, giving me one last glare before going back to teaching.

I rolled my eyes in annoyance and stuffed my phone away into the back of the pocket of my jeans.

I just wanted to go home and spam zayn until he answers.

I grabbed my notebook from my backpack and started to doodle, trying to waste time.

I felt something hit the back of my head as I was drawing random shapes. I turned around, seeing Alecia at the desk behind me.

"Can I borrow a pencil?" She whisper yelled. I nodded my head and reached down to grab my backpack from under my desk.

I started looking through my backpack, digging through all my old notebooks and textbooks. I knew I had a pencil somewhere inside.

"Finally." I mumbled after I found a wooden pencil. As I was about to turn around to hand it to Alecia, I heard a notification come from my phone.

I put down the pencil on my desk and grab my phone to check the notification, seeing that it was from Twitter. I opened up the notification, and my heart fucking stopped. My eyes widened and my hands started to get clammy.

Zayn had fucking replied. He answered me. He answered the spam of DMs I sent him.

I reread his message over and over, not believing it.

Zayn: Haha thanks for the support! Love you x

"Oh my fucking God!" I stood up from my chair, the whole class immediately going silent but I could care less. "Zayn replied to me!" I started to freak out. "YALL ZAYN JUST FUCKING REPLIED TO MY DM OH MY GOD I CANT I JUST—"

"Fayza!" My teacher interrupted me, the whole class burning wholes into me with their eyes. "Step outside."


"Step outside. I will not ask again."

"You don't understand, Zayn fucking Malik followed me on Twitter yesterday and now he replied to my—"

"Ms Zaman! I will not ask you again, step outside before—"

"You know what, fuck this shit!" I didn't care that I was cussing in class, I didn't care about the consequences I would get later, all I cared about is that I just got noticed by my favorite person in the whole entire world. By my king, by my idol, by Zayn fucking Malik. Oh God, I think I was going to get a damn heart attack.

I grabbed my backpack, ready to leave until Alecia interrupted me.

"Wait, Fayza what about my pencil?"

I rolled my eyes in annoyance, grabbing the wooden pencil and throwing it in Alecia's face. With the whole class staring at me, I started to sprint out of the classroom.

Just as I got to the door, the most embarrassing thing happened. I felt myself trip and fall face first into the ground. I groaned in pain, laughter erupting throughout the whole class.

I didn't care at all. Nope, nothing could ruin this day.

I quickly scrambled back up to my feet and ran out the door, jogging towards the girl's restroom. I ran inside and locked myself inside one of the stalls.

"Oh my God, Oh my God." I whispered to myself as I stared down at my phone, rereading what Zayn said to me over and over again.

I suddenly felt tears form in the corner of my eyes, and before I knew it I had erupted in sobs. I covered my mouth to hide the sobs, quickly wiping away my tears in the process.

"Um, is everything okay in there?" I heard a voice of a girl ask.

"Everything's just fine!" I answered back, flushing the toilet so it would block out the sound of my crying.

I started to fan myself with my hand, trying to calm down. I squeezed my eyes shut. "Calm down Fayza, calm down." I told myself.

I couldn't fucking calm down. Zayn fucking replied to me, oh my lord I'am going to have a heart attack someone please pray for my soul.

I looked down at my phone again, deciding to reply to Zayn.


Fayza: i didn't think you would actually reply!!!

Fayza: zayn i love you so much thank you for replying

Fayza: you honestly made my whole fucking day

Fayza: wait no cross that out, you made my whole week

Fayza: no you know what, you made my whole damn year



I was interrupted when there was a knock on my stall door.


I opened my stall door, seeing Alecia standing there.

"What the hell happened to you?" She asked, furrowing her eyebrows. "Ms Wells gave you a detention, by the way."

"Zayn replied to me on Twitter, that's what happened!" I exclaimed as I shoved my phone in her face, showing her the messages. "First he followed me, then he—"

"Fayza calm down!" Alecia said with wide eyes. "You're overreacting! Why are your eyes red? Were you crying, just because he replied to you?!"

"Yes!" I yelled. "The fucking love of my life noticed me on fucking Twitter!" I shouted just as a girl walked inside the bathroom, giving us a weird stare.

"You need to calm down!" Alecia stated, putting her hands on my shoulders.

"I can't!"

I couldn't calm down, it was impossible for me to stay calm at the moment.

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