Something More // Zayn Malik

"I'm just a fan though," I whispered against his lips, his hot breath fanning my face.

"Not any more." He muttered, backing me up against the wall. "You're so hot baby girl, I want you."

"Zayn," I mumbled as his hands went down to give my bum a squeeze. "Are you sure about this?"

"Fayza I want to fuck you right now against this wall." His lips attached to my neck, sucking and licking.

A moan escaped my lips out of pleasure as my hands went up to his chest.

Just a fan? A fan my ass.


11. Chapter 10

Chapter 10

"Guys, hurry up will you!" I groaned as I followed Mya and Noura around Walmart. "I'm on my period and I need to lay down."

"I need groceries for the dinner I'm making," Mya stated. "My family is coming over and you two need to help me with it."

"Mya do you need this?" Noura asked as she held up some type of ingredients.

"Yes, get two more please."

Noura raised her eyebrows at her because one was already way too much. She shrugged anyways and threw the ingredients into the basket she was carrying.

"Fayza, can you hold this for me?" Mya asked.

"Yeah, sure." I took the basket from her. I looked down at the basket and furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. There were oranges in there, a shit ton of oranges. "Mya, why is there—" I stopped myself. "I'm not even going to ask."

"I need it, okay!" Mya exclaimed.

"Whatever, can we go get in line now?" Noura said, wanting to go home as much as I did.

"Fine, lets go."

We walked over to the check out section, waiting in line to buy our items.

Apparently Mya's family were coming over for dinner at the apartment her and Noura shared. Mya wanted to cook a huge dinner so she dragged us to Walmart and started buying things that wasn't even needed, like these oranges. She had put so many oranges in this basket, I don't even know why or what it was needed for.

Sometimes, I question Mya.

As we waited in line, my phone started to ring. The basket of oranges was still in my hands as I reached into my pocket with my free hand to grab my phone.

My eyes widened when I saw who was calling.

"Zayn is calling!" I shouted before accepting the call. I cleared my throat. "Hello?"

"Fayza?" I heard him say.

"It's me!" I giggled as it was our turn in line. The cashier started to scan the items.

"What's up?" He asked.

"Nothing much, just—" I was cut off by Noura.

"Fayza, the cashier needs to scan those oranges."

"Shh, I'm on the phone with Zayn!" I whisper shouted before turning my attention back my phone call. "Yeah so—"

"Ma'am, can you pay for those oranges please?"

"Um excuse me?" I snapped at the cashier. "I'm on the phone!"

"Did I call at the wrong time?" Zayn asked.

"No, you're fine." I nervously chuckled.

"Fayza!" Mya rolled her eyes in annoyance.

"Come on lady, you're holding up the line!" A man shouted from the back of the line.

I rolled my eyes, completely ignoring the rude and impatient stares I got from the customers and the cashier.

"So yeah anyways I can't believe you called. I didn't think you still had my num—"

"Ma'am please we have a line," the cashier says, waving his hand toward the direction of the customers, "so please just give me the oranges."

I covered my phone so Zayn doesn't hear. "Excuse me sir? I'm talking to Zayn Malik, let me be please!"

"Fayza, just hand him the oranges and leave!"

"Ma'am I'm going to have you to step out of the line please—"

"Is everything alright Fay?" I died at the nickname Zayn gave me.

“Yeah everything is fine I—"

"Will you hurry the fuck up?" Some rude lady shouts from behind me. Now I was getting pissed.

"What?! Hurry up? Bitch you have a snickers bar so go to the other line if you can't wait."

"And you have a bag of oranges that will take a few seconds if you would—"

"What? I'm sorry, do you really wanna go because I can fucking go right here right now."

"Um Fay?" I hear Zayn's concerned voice in the phone

"One second." I say, setting my phone on the conveyor belt.

"It's just a bag of oranges I don't see what's taking so long." The woman shouts and everyone in the store is staring at me.

"You know what let's go. Let's go."

"Fayza please—" I cut Mya off.

"No if you wanna go bitch let's go because I'm not afraid to fight over a snickers bar." I can feel Mya's hand on my arm, literally trying to hold me back.

"Security." I hear the cashier yell.

I dropped the basket of oranges on the floor, making the oranges scatter around the floor in a mess and roll in different directions.

"Have your damn oranges!" I grab my phone and quickly walk outside.

My period must be making me act this way.

"Hello, Zayn?" I say through my phone as I walk down the path of a sidewalk.

"Is everything alright?"

"Just dandy."

"Okay," I heard him chuckle. "What are you up to?"

"Well, I was in Walmart but something came up so now I'm walking down some unfamiliar sidewalk. What about you?"

"I got some free time at home and I don't know what to do."

"Go out." I tell him. "Do something fun."

"Like what?"

"I don't know, what you celebrities do."

He slightly laughed through the phone. "I'm really bored and I've never been this bored before. I have nothing to do."

"Well let's see, you can go out and do something. You can go hiking, swimming, go shopping, find a—"

"But I'm too lazy," I heard him whine. "I want to stay home."

"Then have a movie night!" I suggested.

"It's day, though." He corrected me. "And I don't want to have a movie day."

"I don't know what else to tell you then," I say as I crossed the street and continued walking to wherever my feet would take me.

"What happened just a few moments ago? I heard yelling and something about oranges?" He asked.

"Oh," I laughed. "See these people at Walmart were being rude and I just snapped at them because I'm having mood swings. I don't know why but I dropped a basket of oranges on the floor and walked out."

He laughed. "You dropped a basket of oranges?"

"Yup! I dropped it and walked out. I hope that lady who yelled at me steps on it and falls."

"Wow Fay, you're such a badass."

I chuckled. "I'm pretty sure I'm never allowed there again."

"That happened to me, at a club though. I was really drunk I don't even know what happened. All I know is that when I tried to go there the next time, they told me I was never allowed to come back again." He explained.

"Really, what happened?"

"I was too drunk to remember."

I laughed, "Wow Zayn."

"Crap!" I heard him yell through the phone.


"I'm in my backyard and I swear I just saw a rat. Holy fuck!"

"It's just a rat, calm down." I chuckled.

"Rats scare me." He states.

"Snakes scare me."

"What? I love snakes!" He exclaimed.

"You love snakes but you're also scared of rats?" I giggled.

"Yeah, so!" It was silent for a few moments. "So where are you now?"

"I don't know I'm just walking," I say before I stopped walking and looked around my surroundings. I had no idea where I was. "I have no idea where I'am."

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know I just walked out of Walmart and started walking! I don't think I know the way back to Walmart, fuck I don't even think I was paying attention to where I was walking at!" I look around to see if I can recognize my surroundings but I couldn't.

"Okay, what's around you? Explain your surroundings," He said.

"Well there's a red building in front of me," I pause to read the sign. "It's a bicycle shop. Oh and there's a gas station across the street." I look around, my eyes scanning the area around me. "I think I'm at a park?" I say but it came more of a question.

"How does the park look like?" He asked.

"I don't know, it's just a park! There's a playground, um there's children running around. Oh and there's a little pond with ducks!" I jog over to the pond and bend down to look at the ducks. "The ducks are so adorable!"

Zayn chuckled. "I think I know where you are. The park in front of a bicycle shop?"

I nod but realize he can't see me. "Yup, the park in front of a bicycle shop."

"I know where you are, that's my favorite park. Meet me at the parking lot of the park."

"Wait what?" I furrow my eyebrows. "What do you mean?"

"I'm going to come get you, meet me at the parking lot of the park."

"But you don't have to if you don—"

"I'm on my way, hold on I'm putting on my shoes." With that, the line went dead.

I shrug. I guess Zayn was coming to get me.

I start walking around the park, trying to find the parking lot. It was a huge park and once I finally found the parking lot, I sat down on the curb and waited for Zayn.

My phone started to ring and I looked down to see it was Noura calling.

"Hey!" I answer.

"I don't know what went through your head at Walmart or where you went but Mya and I are on our way home now." Noura said.

"Thanks for ditching me!" I joked.

"The security guard said you weren't allowed back at Walmart again."

"Oh well," I shrug. "Zayn is picking me up."

"You better show up back at the apartment for Mya's dinner with her family. If you don't, she will kill you. Literally."

"I know," I say.

"Okay well bye! Use a condom with Zayn," She hung up.

I chuckled and started to play a random game on my phone to pass time. After about thirty minutes, a black car pulled up in front of me.

The window rolled down and a familiar face was staring at me.

"Get in," Zayn said.

I smiled and stood up from the curb. I opened the car door and sat inside before turning to look at Zayn.

"Hey," I greeted him. "Thanks for picking me up."

"Thanks for making me not bored," he chuckled.

I buckled on my seatbelt as Zayn started to drive, a song playing softly on the radio.

"Where are we going?" I ask as he took a turn and drove down the street.

He thought for a bit before shrugging. "I don't know, where do you want to go?"

"I don't know," I look out the window and at all the cars passing by. "Anywhere."

"I think I know where."

I turn to look at him. "Where?"

He smiled at me before focusing his eyes back onto the road. "You'll see."

"You better not be kidnapping me."

He laughed, "Maybe I'am."

"Zayn Malik kidnapping me? I don't mind at all."

"Kidnapping Fayza..." He trailed off before I finished his sentence.


"Kidnapping Fayza Zaman, I don't mind at all." He said, a smirk on his face.

I laugh and shake my head.

We started talking about random things that came up in our heads, and laughed at the stupidest things. When twenty minutes had passed, Zayn started driving up some empty road with lots of trees in the area.

I looked out, trying to see what was behind all those trees to see nothing but the woods.

"I've never been in this area," I say as my eyes averted from the woods and back to Zayn.

"No one really comes here," he stated. "It's kind of like a quiet area but scary at night."

"Now I really get the feeling that you're trying to kidnap me."

He laughed. "I'am, now let's go."

I was too busy looking out the window to realize that Zayn had already parked the car. I hopped out of the car and walked beside Zayn.

"Now seriously, where are we going?" I ask him.

"You'll see," he replied.

We walked deeper into the woods, our feet stepping on leaves and sticks. I smiled when I saw a lake come into view.

"There's a lake!" I pointed in the direction across from us.

"I know, that's the whole point."

"You came here for the lake?" He nodded.

We walked up in front of the lake, admiring the view in front of us.

"This is a really beautiful view," I smiled.

"I know, I usually come here when I want to be alone."

It was quiet for a few moments as we both stared out at the lake.

"Let's go swimming," Zayn suggested.

"How, I didn't even bring any clothes?" I frown.

"So," Zayn shrugged. "Go in with your clothes."

I shake my head. "I don't want to do that, plus I'm on my period and I hate swimming while on my period." I look over to Zayn to see him giving me a devilish grin. A confused look plasters across my face. "Why are you staring at me like that?"

"Look in front of you," Zayn said.

Confused, I turn around and saw nothing. "I don't see any—"

I felt Zayn push me. I couldn't balance and instead I tripped over a tree branch and fell into the lake. I gasped once I was above the surface of the water.

"You dick!" I shouted as Zayn erupted in laughter. Grinning, I swam up near Zayn and grabbed his leg.

"Wait I—"

I ignored his protests and instead pulled him in the water with me.

"Fayza!" He shouted before splashing water on my face.

"What?" I laughed. "You started it!"

He splashed more water on my face and I splashed it back at him.

"You messed up my hair," he states as he runs his hand through his wet hair.

"You messed up my clothes," I splash water on his face. "While we're here, let's swim." I start to swim away from Zayn. "You coming?" I turn my head to look at him.

"No!" He shouted, just standing in the water. "I think I'm good here."

I frown, "come on!"

"I can't, I don't know how to swim!"

"What?" I swim towards him. "Come on!" I try to grab his arm but he protests.

"No, I don't want to swim!"

"Zayn I'll teach you!" He finally lets me grab his arm and I slowly guide him deeper into the water.

"If I drown, my ghost will haunt you forever." He states.

I laughed. "Don't worry you won't die on my watch."

I start to explain to him how to swim and show him with my arms. I put him in the right position and held onto him, telling him to do what I told him.

He starts splashing around the water like a crazy person. "No I can't I'm going to drown, take me back."

I shook my head and laughed. "No seriously I need to teach you one day!" I grab his arm and lead him back.

He got out of the water while I decided to stay in for a bit more. I swam around a little and looked up after a few moments to see Zayn taking off his shirt.

My eyes widened. His body was wet from the lake and the tattoos on his chest were revealed. His eyes met mine and I quickly looked away, blushing at the fact that he caught me staring.

I got out of the lake, shivering from how cold I was. I crossed my arms and walked over to where Zayn was standing at.

"I think I have something in my car to dry us off," he says.

I followed him back to his car. My whole body was soaked, water dripping from my hair. I quickly tied my wet hair up in a messy bun as we walked.

Once at his car, Zayn opened his trunk and started looking through his things. He smiled in satisfaction when he found something.

"I don't know why but I have these lying around in my trunk," he held up towels.

"How convenient," I smiled.

He handed me a towel and I gladly took it, wrapping it around my cold body.

"If only we had a change of clothes," he said and I nodded in agreement. "Let's get going, we're going to get a cold if we stay wet like this."

We sat inside his car and I rested my head against the window, a yawn escaping my lips.

"Tired?" He looked over at me while starting up the car.

"Exhausted," I mumbled.

"Do you want me to drop you back off home?"

"No," I responded.

"Where do you want to go then?"

I opened my mouth to speak but immediately closed it when I remembered Mya's dinner with her family. I groaned. "I have to go home, my friend is having dinner with her family and I have to be there."

"Oh okay," He looked disappointed for a second. "We'll hang out later then?" He smiled.

"Yeah," I smiled back.

I gave him the address to the apartment and he drove me back home.

What a wonderful day.

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