The Cabin

A group of friends decide to use one of their aunts cabins to escape the real world, but it wasn't what they expected.


1. 1.

"How ya doin sweety?" Spencer asked the young man that was sitting in the chair with his arm outstretched.

"It's not as bad as I thought it would be."

"That's good. Now I'll start tattooing for real." She joked, earning a laugh from the young man. "We are about half way through, do you need to take a break?"

"Yes please. My arms numb."

She laughed a bit. "Yeah, my first tattoo had that numbing affect too. Sit tight, I'll go get you something to drink." She put the tattoo gun down and removed her gloves, moving a few strands of blond hair that fell into her view. She went up stairs to the main counter where she saw her best friend of fifteen years dealing with a customer complaining that her nipple piercing disappeared.

"Don't worry Ms. Dawn, that type of thing happens all the time. You're just swollen. Amy will take you to the station to fix it."

Spencer went to the vending machine and got two mountain dews. She approached her friend when the woman followed Amy up stairs. "That actually happens?"

Jazmine laughed at that. Apparently. I'm not the professional, just the apprentice. Hows your day goin so far?"

"As good as it can go. Are you coming with everyone on the road trip?"

"Hells yeah! Me and victor are both going."

"Good. Come by my place than we will all drive down together. I think Cara rented an RV so we can ride in luxury."

"Oh god, that sounds awful."

"Yeah, little bit. Just be at my place tomorrow morning by six." The red head nodded and went back to her computer. The song Wiggle started to play as Spencer took out her phone and smiled as she answered. "Hey babe."

"Hey how's work so far?" Asha asked, seeming genuinely interested.

"As good as it can be. I'm almost done. I think I have one more appointment before I'm able to go home. Are you there yet?"

"I'm clocking out right now."

"Any fights?"

"Nah, it was actually pretty calm tonight. I got to throw a drunk guy out though. He puked all over himself."


"Yeah. So what do you want for diner? Eat in or take out."

"It's up to you."

"Take out it is. Chinese will be ready whenever you are."

Spencer took note in how her mood changed in a split second. She sounded almost bored now. "Alright well I'll see you soon. Love you Asha."

"Love you too Spenc."

Cara zipped up her last suitcase and carried to the front door where her boyfriend Nick sat, typing on his laptop. "Have you even started to pack?" She huffed out before plopping down beside him.

"Yeah, my bags are already in the RV."

"Wow, that's a shocker. Is somebody excited?"

"More weary than excited. I mean, it's a cabin in the woods, what could possibly go wrong?" He asked sarcastically.

"Shut up." She said playfully. "My aunt always vacations there and nothing happens. Besides, I think you'll be very surprised at how it looks and the location. Not to blare my own horn or anything." She leaned her head on his shoulder. "Hows the book going?"

"I've been on the same chapter for three months."

"That good huh? Come on." She said as she shut the laptop. "I think I can take your mind off of that for awhile." She teased as she got up and tugged at his shirt.

"I'm closing up shop." Jazmine said before sitting in the chair in front of Spencer. "Can I just stay with you tonight?"

"I don't think Asha is in the best mood right now, but yeah, I mean it'll make tomorrow easier."

"How are things with you two after the fight?"

"We're working on it. It'll just take time. I'm almost done, I want to do something really quick." She said as she poured a little bit of purple color into a tiny container.

"What are you doing?"

"Giving myself a little tattoo."

"Now you know that I love and support you, but don't you have enough?" She asked, pointing out her full sleeves on both arms and a few on her legs.

"Relax, it's a little one. You should get it too."

"What and where?"

"A smiley face on my hand."

"Really? A smiley face?" Spencer just nodded before starting. It was on the back of her hand, between her thumb and pointer finger. "Fine, but then we are leaving."

Spencer was greeted by her cat as she climbed up her leg. "Hey Pearl, where's mom?"

The cat just purred and snuggled against the blondes neck. She had Pearl since the cat was born. She could smell Chinese food and her mouth watered.

Her and Jazmine walked into the living room and Spencer saw Asha's smile fade a little. "Jazmine! I was expecting you tomorrow."

"Yeah, I thought it would be easier if she just stayed the night since we are leaving early tomorrow."

"It's fine. You're probably hungry, you can have the rest of mine." She said before getting up and hugging her friend and walking up stairs.

"I can go." Jazmine said quietly.

"No, I'll talk to her. She doesn't care if your here or not, she probably wanted to talk or something. I'll see ya tomorrow?"

"I'll be the one on the couch."

"And don't eat my Chinese food!" Spencer shouted while retreating up the stairs.

"Damn." She muttered.

Spencer walked into their room and saw Asha sitting on the foot of the bed. She was in her PJ's. White jersey, and Spencers black sweats that were a tad too long. "What's wrong?" Spencer asked.

"We get in a huge fight last night and the next day, instead if coming home and talking about it, you work all night then bring Jazmine home like nothing happened."

"I'm sorry that I stormed out last night. I should've talked it out with you. I was just taken back is all. You know I would follow you anywhere. I love you. Sure, we fight a lot, but who doesn't? I'd be worried if it was perfect. Moving back to California and leaving everything we've worked so hard for is a big deal and you just assumed I would leave my job and family."

"I know, and I feel like an ass for doing that, but you still should've stayed and talked."

Spencer moved closer and placed a gentle kiss on the tan girls forehead. "I will never leave again. I love you."

"I love you too you ass."

"Come on, lets get some sleep. We have to up in a few hours."

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