Tinder Match

A girl who has been through a lot meets a guy who she falls for, but circumstances tear them apart and her life starts crumbling.

Honestly I suck at writing what the story is about, why don't you just read it? Haha. Enjoy! <3 -Melody


1. The Boy

Chapter One

The Boy

"Please close your text booklets, testing has now finished." my homeroom teacher says looking over the entire class. I look over to see what people are doing, some are reading, drawing and even napping. As Ms. McClure walks down my row to collect papers and pencils from the test I look down at my lap. I was insecure. I was always afraid that when people would stare at me they were staring at my acne and every little thing that bothered me about myself. I used to go to counseling for my insecurities but I decided to hide it from everyone. I soon stopped going due to me having to make up excuses to people every week as to why I would leave for an hour, it got chaotic. 

"The school will let out as soon as all the grade level finishes their testing, as for now, our grade level will be going to lunch. You may go." Ms. McClure says as she checks her watch. Everyone gets up to leave, crowding the door. I stay at my desk, I glance outside and see the hallway being filled up with people going to lunch. A few minutes pass until I decide to get up and walk towards the door.

"Have a nice day Clare." Ms. McClure says walking towards her desk.

I nod and smile at her.

I walk down the somewhat still crowded hall, some were at their lockers, talking and joking around with their friends. I walk to the cafeteria and grab some food, I look up at the table I usually sit at, it was filled with my friends. I find my usual seat and start picking at my food.

"Jeez, you'd expect them to serve us somewhat edible food on testing day." I say bringing the fork near my face to smell the food.

My friend Sophie chuckles. "I know right? On top of that, we have a game today. Eat up cheerleaders or else you'll go hungry not getting any food until after the game." 

The girls start discussing their cheer moves and plans for after the game. I wasn't a cheerleader, I figured I wasn't outgoing enough, plus I was never a big fan of skirts or anything too girly. Apparently I "fit in" enough to sit with them but I always felt left out when they started talking about cheer and other things I wasn't involved in.

Later that afternoon I walk home while checking my phone. I got a notification from Tinder saying I got a match with someone. I giggled remembering the night I was with a few friends who had dared me to get one and see what it was like. I swiped left and right for hours that night while my friends joked and told stories about the app. I checked to see who the match was with. It showed a picture of a guy with brown hair wearing a Hollister shirt and a blue cap. At the bottom of the picture it said "Bryson, 16" I decided to give him a message.

Clare: Hey :) 

I turn my phone off and walk around town. I soon walk back to my house, I smile at my neighbor while reaching for my keys in my bag, I unlock the door and drop my bag at the door. 

"Hey mom" I say getting a bottled water. She looks over at me "Hey." My mom and I were never that close, she thought things a little differently than I did. She often went out with her friends to party. I felt like I could never talk to her about things. I sit down to watch tv, after a little while I decided to check my phone to see if he texted back. I turn it back on. Nothing. I go on Tinder and click on the message.

Sent 2 hours ago

Clare: Hey :)

I put my phone down. Maybe he isn't interested...



Hey guys its Melody! I know this chapter was kinda boring as most first chapters are. Bu it is currently 4am and I am tired. I started on this at 1am but my laptop froze and deleted everything I already had, I was super upset so I was like "what the heck let's just get this first chapter over with." :P I know the writing kinda sucked but like I said it's 4am and I'm exhausted.

But I promise it will get better, please don't give up on this story just yet! 




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