Rich Reina $ Hood

when rich girl Reina Rhodes denies the Sex God and Football Captain Calum Hood.


6. $5



as i'm done explaining to the guys and calum what mr.phillips talked about, mr.phillips all made us go to our designated orchestra spot. sadly that's next to calum, who's playing the stand up bass. i see luke and michael all smiling and laughing in the back farther behind us. ashton in the back of the classroom playing the drums. i get a text from ads, yes you heard correct. dads plural of dad.

you see when i was young i never had a mum, it was always my dads. but my biological dad had sex with his close friend when he didn't know he was gay yet, so his close friend got pregnant and they decided to keep it. but as i was about to be born, my biological dad finally admitted that he was gay. my biological mum got so mad and embarrassed when he found someone my dad loves and cherishes. that as soon as i was born, she was there for 6 months before she made sure that my dads had a steady life. and one day she left with just a little note, in a rich dark blue. she explained how she wasn't ready to take care of a child and that she much rather see them both happy and to save them the time to go through everything to adopt a child when they were probably ready in 6 months. 

i know i should hate my mum for abandoning me (when she really hasn't because i had my dads) is that she was so in love with my dad, that she look past the fact that he was gay and she was carrying his baby and they couldn't even raise it together. she saw that he was truly and finally happy with being himself, so she made up a giant lie about not being ready for a child. i know she was ready but she did it to make my dad happy, that's how in love she was with him. that meant leaving him alone to be happy and to disappear without telling him so he won't go looking for her. 

my mum did something so remarkable and generous, she put my dad way past herself to make him happy. after i was the age of 8 i explained my theory on this whole situation because at that time they were still wondering, then they soon saw it in my perspective and thought it was the most respectable one. so in our house we have a picture of my mother in at least every room in the house, to respect her and her choices in life. i was brought out of my thoughts by calum shaking my arm a little, a little too afraid too touch me. good and it should stay that way. 

" have numerous text messages from your dad and mr.phillips said to take our your instrument." he whispers nervously, i give him a small smile and nod "thank you calum" my canadian accent mixing with the american one and australian one the boys were giving me. i reply to my dads texts and put my phone away.

i take out my cello making sure all the strings were tuned and everything. i placed the sheet music in front of me and read it over. "okay. and a one and a two." he waves his little stick around indicating for us to play, as i glide my bow across the strings, i play my part. 


as class ends finally coming to my best and favourite subject - lunch. "you guys wanna go play footie outside?" calum asks as mike hangs his arm around my shoulders, we walk down the hallway towards my locker all of us parting ways to put our books away. as i walk down the hallway people wave at me and smile, me doing the same. i reach my locker putting in the combination and neatly placing my books into my locker, i snatch my salad and my water bottle from my backpack and close the door locking it. i run towards the soccer field already knowing that calum brought his soccer ball, i walk out the door going to the tree where we all usually eat and hang out. no one else is ever here knowing that calum hood and reina rhodes are always here, being afraid of the outcome if people are there at the exact same time as we usually come.

i see them all sitting down in some time of circle, i immediately climb up the tree to sit looking down on them. "what are you guys doing saturday?" michael asks us taking a big bite of his turkey sandwich, all the guys ears perk up and they all reply with "nothing." i feel bad, all the time on the weekends I'm busy with either my dads or having to play soccer games or volleyball. i'm constantly busy and i feel bad because they always seem to do fun things while i have to take responsibilities. "sorry i can't hang out this weekend." i say taking a bite of my apple chewing it slowly ready to hear all their sighs and questions as to what important gala i have to go to this weekend.

"well this weekend marks my fathers wedding anniversary and i have planned a very special day for them. so as coordinator of this event or hostess i must attend, but i am not physically there with them the whole time. i will drop them off to the pier and then i shall leave, making the crew do the rest of the work because guess whattttt." i explain, only ash nods in response telling me to continue and that they're not gonna guess. "i get to hang out for the rest of the day so let's make this weekend great!" i say enthusiastically while getting up and climbing down the tree and jumping around. i hear luke and calum let out little yelps, as luke gets up and joins me jumping like a girl.

i grab the ball starting to do keep ups in the air, as i do so calum joins in waiting for me to pass the ball to him. this is probably the only time i tolerate calum, when it's just the guys and i. if not with other people he's a big douchebag that i don't want anything to do with, as we pass each other the ball doing keep us. 

"hey look reina about the party tonight, i really wanna go with you but i'm just super nervous and i don't know if you hate me so that's why i just said let me go with amelia. i'm sorry for being a douchebag about it." calum says stopping the ball and looking me straight in the eyes, all i see in his eyes are sincerity and sympathy. 

i sigh "look calum it's fine, but i do like you when it's just the guys and us because you're truly who you are and that's the calum i like to be friends with. but your other persona of bad boy, cocky, douchebag and overrated school soccer captain is the calum i don't like. if you can show everyone this calum who has conscious of other peoples feelings and is sincere then i would be willing to talk to you where i am smiling and it's in public." i finish as i touch his shoulder trying to make him feel more comfortable and ease off the harsh words. 

"look let's make a deal here, if i can be the calum i am right now with you and the guys for a whole month, then you have to come on a date with me. deal?" he says sticking out his hand, i think about if he'll actually do it but then i think again it's calum hood. as if he'll keep his word, i shrug because the worst thing that can happen is that i actually go on a date with him.

i stick out my hand "deal!" we shake hands as he smirks as i mirror his actions.



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