Rich Reina $ Hood

when rich girl Reina Rhodes denies the Sex God and Football Captain Calum Hood.


5. $4



reina and i have been friends for quite awhile, even before i met calum. we met back in 1st grade when these guys were picking on me and she came in to save the day. she threatened to take all their crayons and melt them if they don't stop bullying me. they got pretty scared of a little 6 year old and they never bothered me again, that's the start our friendship. she's had my back through everything, girl problems or when we thought we got my ex girlfriend pregnant. all she did was go over there and support her and figure things out. luckily she played it off cool and made sure that stacy wouldn't say anything to anyone and reina promised to not tell a living soul. so far which she did.

you're all probably wondering if we've ever kissed or anything. we were each other first kiss but thats about it, but i am very attracted to reina. she's a beautiful girl and what kind of guy wouldn't be attracted to her? she's so sexy that she would make gay guys straight again, so do you all understand my struggle when she's always near me. either flipping her hair - or running and her boobs are bouncing - or when she's always so comfortable with me that she doesn't care to get changed. the struggle almost twice a week i have to - i gotta jack off. it's hard (haha get it like my boner when i see reina) because i don't wanna ruin our friendship and risk of her not liking me is very high. you see this girl hasn't liked anybody or dated anyone since the 4 years we've been going to this school. 

she never has one night stands and she's never been seen drunk. never has she been seen looking bad in a picture or a video, embarrassing videos she always managed to look good. and the thing that all the girls envy the most is the fact that she's being herself and not being fake. i think that's why every guy drools whenever she walks by and not just because of her looks. 

she's strong physically and mentally, she's witty, sarcastic, smart, funny, poetic, passionate, bright, caring and so many other things - i guess why that's why she's the it girl because she's the complete package, for a best friend and a girlfriend. she's one of the most intelligent people in the school and she's on the volleyball, soccer, basketball and the cheer squad meanwhile she's busy with big important galas and dinner parties with her dads. no one knows how she keeps up with everything without having mental break downs or just snapping all the time, meanwhile she's always smiling and  happy. she always puts others before her and that's why every guy likes her because she's not like most girls (which she really isn't) and why most girls in our school envy her. 


i get snapped out of my thoughts by ashton pointing towards amelia and reina talking, well technically amelia is yelling and reina is calm while putting on a smirk to annoy her even more. ashton and i walk a little closer to hear what amelia was bitching about now, as we get closer all you can hear is amelia yelling at reina for no reason. everyone laughing at her tantrum and lack of reasons to argue with reina the girl that doesn't do anything wrong. "didn't i tell u to stay away from calum?!" amelia yells over at reina only adding a smirk to reina's face, as she quickly planes are her watch "he keeps begging me, so maybe go talk to him about staying away from me but if you'll excuse me i have to get to class." reina says as she gives a smirk and waves before walking ashton and i's way.

"how did she start this time?" ashton asks as we walk to our next class, reina stands in the middle of ash and i. "basically she saw calum talking to me then i walked off then she just stopped in front of me and started talking non sense." she explains as she waves at people who wave at her as per usual, i roll my eyes because amelia always does this. to anyone not just reina (but most of the time it's reina) she'll do it to her little followers and most of the time it's because they either drool over calum, it's like get a grip. you're only his little toy and nothing else, he only wants you when he has no one so calm down and stop acting like he wants you. if i ever said that she would probably come and kill me at night and i don't wanna die.

as we enter music all 5 of us have, yes, 5. that includes calum and i don't wanna say it's completely awkward but its awkward. we sit down in our usual seats near, as i sit down next to calum he taps my shoulder. "hey man, are you seriously going to the party tonight with reina?" he asks as we are n longer in the conversation with ash, reina and mike. i turn my head to look at him "um yeah..why?" i ask a little curious as to why he cares so much, he knows we're just friends and plus he's going with amber so what difference does it make for him? 

"i was just asking be-" he was about to tell me why but mr.phillips walks into the room making everyone grow quiet, he places his bag and cup of coffee on his desk. and he steps up to the conductor stand "good morning class, today i am happy to inform you all that there is going to be another this years orchestral piece. you are all required to play and preform in front of the whole school and we shall have 2 shows after school for parents to come and watch. if you do not participate then there is a possibility that you're gonna fail because this does count as 80% of this years grade. i will be evaluating your participation, dedication, attitude, your ability to play correctly in harmony with everyone else and to see if you really know your instrument." he takes a short break pausing as he looks down on his conductor stand to see if he's forgetting something, he looks back up and smiles. 

"i almost forgot, since we do not have enough singers. if you would like to sing then please come write your first and last name on this sheet." he says waving a paper around, i look around to see ashley, bethany and claire smirking between one another. i roll my eyes because they can't even sing properly but go back to look at mr.phillips. "you may all come down to fill our your names but mrs.rhodes can you please come down to my desk." he finishes his explanation, as everyone who wanted to fill out their names get up except reina. ash,calum, mike and i all watch what's happening between reina and mr.phillips. all i see is him making little hand gestures and reina is standing there with her perfect posture. smiling when necessary too and nodding. she smiles and he does too as she leaves.

she comes back and sits down "so what'd he say?" mike asks she sits down back next to ash, "he wanted me to sing and play my instrument ."

"so what are you gonna do?" calum asks, she looks down then back up "he wants me to sing lead." she announces. 


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