Rich Reina $ Hood

when rich girl Reina Rhodes denies the Sex God and Football Captain Calum Hood.


3. $2

c a l u m


hearing that come out of her mouth really hurt. she despised me. the one girl I always look forward to seeing at school doesn't even want to hear my name. the amount of girls I use to distract myself from her. just knowing that she only agreed to being my date to tonight's party out of pity also really hurt. it's nice that she would do that and that's many reasons why she's constantly on my mind but because she hates me and she feels bad for me. I, Calum Hood don't need pity. after she walked off to her next class which is biology and which I also have. I collect myself and got my self confidence back.

I walk off leaving Michael and Luke still kinda dumbfounded about the whole scene and go up to the one girl that would never reject me. Amber. besides Reina, she's one of the most popular girls in school. well correction she's trying to take Reina's spot but that would never happen. she craves attention. lives off of it in fact. she'd do anything to be in Reina's place, she envies Reina a lot and it's pretty scary some of the things she'll tell me about what she wants to do when she takes Reina's spot. 

once I reach Amber and her little minions I wrap my arms around her waist, her knowing exactly who it is. "hey baby." her high pitched voice makes me cringe, he voice is the worst compared to Reina's voice. Reina's voice is deeper and way more sooth-wait! I am with Amber right now to distract myself from Reina. so what am I doing thinking about her? "hey." I breathe out giving her cheek a quick kiss, all her makeup rubbing onto my face. see right now if this was Reina I'd be feeling her real cheek without makeup, but Reina hates your guts so you won't be kissing her cheek anytime soon. 

"cally why don't you ditch the queen bitch over there and bring me to the party tonight?" Amber's voice takes me out of my thoughts, I look down at her. really queen bitch? have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror to really find queen bitch? and Reina is certainly not a queen bitch, she's far from it. all of Amber's minions are watching us intently either wishing they were in Amber's position or were just simply starring at me. "uh I don't know Amber, if I don't go with her she might get mad." I say thing to find every excuse to not ditch Reina tonight. "well there's a good reason as to why you're gonna ditch her, it's because you're going to the party with your girlfriend." she uses the word so loosely, we never put titles to each other. people just came up to the conclusion that we're either fuck buddies or we're dating which the second one sounds terrifying. but the first one sounds much more accurate I use her for a good fuck when I am lonely and am just bored. and she never refuses so I guess that's why I always comeback and I guess that's her plan.

the warning bell rings meaning that we all have to make our way to our classes, I don't even give her cheek a peck. I walk off to biology with Reina, I am excited yet dreading it. I walk in the class just as the bell rings, you see all the classes I have with Reina I try to be on time to show her that I am not someone who won't have a future. I see her sitting in the second back row at her table as Luke sits next to her. the pair laughing together. 

I look to my usual spot behind her and Luke where I sit next to Ashton, he waves me over. I sit down on the right side of the table, I place my bag on the floor next to me. "look I just wanna tell you that she didn't mean what she said earlier." Ashton tries to make me feel better but it ins't happening. 

"the thing is Reina doesn't hate any one so if she says it, it's all just an act." he whispers so she doesn't hear, not like it would make a difference. Luke and her are too busy laughing obnoxiously together. "I'm not going to the party with her." I say bluntly looking at the back of her head, her beautiful, beautiful head. "so you're not going anymore?" Ashton asks hopefully, he knows that not once have I ever not gone to a party but maybe this time I won't? haha not gonna happen.

"no. I'm going with Amber." that's all it took for her to turn around and look at me with bitterness and happiness in her eyes.

maybe going with Amber is a good idea?


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