Rich Reina $ Hood

when rich girl Reina Rhodes denies the Sex God and Football Captain Calum Hood.


2. 1$



I walk down the hallways with my backpack on my shoulder and a red flannel wrapped around my waist, as I walk down the hallway everyone stops what they're doing to wave and smile at me. obviously me waving back and smiling, I make it to my locker my cheeks already hurting. I open my locker putting my biology book in my bag and closing it. when I do I see my good old pal Ashton, I roll my eyes at the sight of him. "what Ash." I sigh leaning against my locker just like him, he lets out a small laugh "um one I can't say hi to my best pal?". see the thing with Ash is that he's always overly excited so when you're tired he's not, it's like he's always drinking red bull. 

"no." I simply answer, he sighs "okay fine, it's just Calum has this biggest crush on you ever and just do us a favour and be his date to tonight's party. that way he'll stop talking about you and always starring you down trying to make you jealous with other girls. and plus it's ruining his self confidence, a girl rejecting Calum. it's like a guy rejecting you!" the last part really got to me, how is it like a guy rejecting me. what difference does it make for me, you don't like me fine. not everyone has to like me and at least they're being honest and not just doing it because.  

"Ash how many times do I have to tell you that I am not be an object to help your friend's self confidence and to be thrown away. never in a million years will I ever go on a date with Calum Hood!" I yell the last part everyone's eyes on Ash and I's, including Calum's. the hurt in his chocolate brown eyes show me that he truly does have feelings. 

I walk over to Calum. Luke, Michael and certainly Calum's eyes go wide. I lean up all the way to his ear "you got tonight Hood. that's all you have." I lean back down normal and walk off. my old worn out converse trekking down the cement to my next class, the last thing I hear are whispers from the students that were watching.


its gonna be a lit story u poptarts woo!!1!!!1!!!11!!




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