poetry for my Diary. (DON'T READ!!!) (COMPLETED)

these are ligit poems i created last year each in less that five mins. two of these poems have there own book as they are in a competition.


7. empty words

Remember that promise you made to me? 

years ago, just for today?

you told me you would help me,

i waited four weeks, but you forgot.

i did it myself.

you remember those things you said we would make together?

you forgot.

i did it myself.

you told me i could tell her myself.

you told her without my permision.

you remember that day my brother was busy, and you said we would redecorate my room.

you yelled at me because my room was messy.

i redecorated my room myself.

remember those things you said you would buy for my homework?

you forgot to buy them.

i got them myself.

remember that day you told me i could skip school?

you told me to go school.

said you never said anything about skipping.

remember that thing you told my teachers?

you lied.

i told them the truth.

Remeber that day?

when our bond broke?

like glass,

it shattered into pieces.

you didn't even relize, it was all those empty words.

i did.

those empty words made our bond break.

i hate those empty words.

they took over you.

and this time,

i can't fix it.







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