Jason the Toy Maker

A lesson you should reamber is always play with your toys. Or one day they might get you....


14. New Friend

"Don't cry dear!" I looked up sniffling and looked around tear still falling down my cheeks. "Who said that...?" I asked softly still crying. I looked around some more and saw a tall man with pretty green eyes and long red hair standing in the room with me. He had a bit friendly smile on his face as he spoke to me. "The names Jason the toy maker." He said with a laugh that made me smile. "Will you be my friend Jason?" I asked with hope in my voice. Jason smiled at me really big. "I would love to  be your friend dear!" I smiled and ran up and hugged him. "My dear may I ask what your name is?" He asked me and I felt bad for not saying my name just then. "My name is Lilly." "That's a very pretty name  Lilly." he said and I smiled at him. He looked at my arms and my face and frowned. "My dear princess Lilly why do you have so many injuries on your fair skin?" I looked down and whispered softy. "My dad beats me and my mom." Jason hugged me again and gave me another warm and kind smile. "How about I make you a doll Lilly?"

To be continued....?

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