Jason the Toy Maker

A lesson you should reamber is always play with your toys. Or one day they might get you....


1. Little boy

Hi my name is Alex and I'm 8 years old. I love to play with toys. I have hundreds of them in my room. I used to have a friend to buy gone day I out grew him. His name was Jason and h made me lots of toys. I loved to play with the toys Jason made me. Jason would sometimes play with me as well. I lover when he would play with me...his games were so much fun! Then one day I had an accident. "Jason!" I screamed reaching out to him. "I got you Alex!" He yelled and graves my arm stopping me from falling off the bridge. Then his grip slipped and I fell. 

"Alex! Alex speak to me!" A lady said leaning over me in tears. I think she was my mom I didn't know and I didn't care. I looked past her at Jason and tried to call out to him. "Ja-Jason...." Was all j got out before things went dark.

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