Jason the Toy Maker

A lesson you should reamber is always play with your toys. Or one day they might get you....


4. Bunnies

"Here you go Mr. Rabbit you get the seat of honor on my bed next to me. Don't worry about those other toys they'll never replace you." I could feel his eyes on me but for what ever reason it made me feel safe. It was almost as if he was on my side and he wanted to protect me and keep me safe. Only I didn't know what he had to keep me safe from.

I brushed the thought out of my head and began to play with him making him dance and walk and talk on my bed. "Alex....come...play....with....me...." A voice said making my blood run cold. I looked behind me and under my bed and then all over my room but it was just me. "Who said that?" I asked my now filled with fear as I ounce again scanned my room with my eyes again to see if someone moved. When nothing happened I sighed and went back to my bed. That's when things got weird. Mr. Rabbit started to dance on his own and walk and do tricks. All my fears went away as my face light up with joy. "Was that you Mr. Rabbit?" I asked him still smiling. He stopped walking and looked at me with a wave.

"Yes...it...was...Alex....Won't....you...come....play...with...us?" He asked me and I frowned a bit. "What do you mean Mr.Rabbit? Theirs no one else in the room but me and you." Mr.Rabbit grew a mean and hurt expression on his face as he spoke again. "What...you...did....was...very...mean...Alex. Leaving...friends...behind...like...you...did. You...hurt...his...feelings...all...he...wanted...to...do...was...play...with...you" He spoke again this time I was freaked out. What did he mean by all of that? Who did I leave behind? Why did i do it? So many questions where spinning around inside of my head. Before I could ask him what he meant he dropped limp and lifeless like he was before on my bed ounce again just a stuffed toy. I placed him back where he was and left my room hearing my name being called from down stairs. "Alex! Daisy is here she wants to play with you!" My mom called from up sitars.

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