Dancing till Infinity

Natalie Peterson is just a girl who loves to dance with her 4 best friends.Their dream is to become famous. What happens when One Direction need back-up dancers and the girls audition?

*Includes Zayn*


4. Shocked :o

    I don't like One Direction, I just like their music and that they are here is mind blowing. Ally is a HUGE fan, she's literally obsessed with them. Ask her any question, she will know the answer in a split second. She always dreamed to meet them, especially Harry. She always is talking about Harry, like what about the others. She does talk about them but not as much as she does of Harry. 

"Hello," Ally said, calmly.

I'm surprised that she is calm, I thought she would have died by now. 

"I'm surprised she is calm," Julia whispered to me.

"I know right."

"Hi, we're One Direction," Niall replied.

No shit Sherlock, I thought. I think I said that out loud because the boys started laughing, Ally yelled my name, and Niall started blushing. I don't know why he started blushing, but it was cute.

"Whoops, I didn't mean to say that out loud, sorry," I told Niall.

"It's ok," he replied.

"So what are you guys doing here, aren't you supposed to  be doing an interview or whatever you famous people do?" Camila asked.

"Sassy much," Zayn said.

"I like to be that way and will stay that way," Camila replied with a smirk.

"Ok... anyways we are here because we heard of this dance studio and that no one used it so we came to hold our auditions here," Harry said.

"Oh well umm.. we use this studio for our practices as you just saw," Emily said.

"Ya you guys are amazing, where did you get those moves?" Louis asked.

"Thanks and we made it up," Ally replied, very calmly, which is starting to freak me out. because she would always freak out for the littlest things about them.

"I'm impressed, you haven't freaked out yet," I whispered to Ally.

"I know, I don't know I am not, I'm scaring myself," she whispered to me.

I started laughing. All eyes were on me and so I shut my mouth. Niall smirked.

"What are you laughing at?" Liam asked.

"Oh Ally just told me something really funny," I told them.

"What'd she say?" Zayn asked.

"You guys ask way to many questions and plus its none of your business," Camila sassed.

"Ok, ok," Liam said.

"Hey, why don't you guys audition, you are amazayn," Harry said laughing at his own joke.

"Maybe" I said getting my phone."Do you guys want to audition?" I asked.

"Hell ya, this could be the next step to our career," Ally said.

The rest of the girls agreed.

"Call your mums, when do the auditions start?" I asked.

"Today and you can audition now if you want," Niall replied quickly.

I nodded and called my mom.

"My mom said yes," I said, after the I ended the call.

"Same," all the girls replied.

"YES AN OPPORTUNITY!" Ally yelled and did a happy dance.

The boys laughed.

"Let's get to it then," Harry said.

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