Dancing till Infinity

Natalie Peterson is just a girl who loves to dance with her 4 best friends.Their dream is to become famous. What happens when One Direction need back-up dancers and the girls audition?

*Includes Zayn*


3. Practice

          Natalie's POV



"AHHHHHHH," I screamed as I fell out of bed. "Shit," the time was 7:00, I overslept. "Hello," i said, when I picked up the phone.

"Did you just get out of bed?" my best friend Ally asked.

"Ya," I mumbled.

"Well then get yo lazy ass up and get ready cuz I'm right outside of your house and I picked up all of the other girls to," she said.

"Okay, I'll be down in 5," I replied.

    Today is Saturday, which means we have dance practice. We aren't on a team, we dance because we want to become professional dancers or back-up dancers one day. I quickly changed into my dance outfit, grabbed my phone and dance bag. I ran downstairs, grabbed my shoes, a granola bar and ran out to Ally's car. My mom knows that I go to dance practice almost everyday, so I don't have to tell her. She doesn't like to wake up at 7 in the morning soo.

"Finally, it took you that long. It feels like ages before you came to the car," Camila said, as I got in the car.

"Shut up, I didn't take that long," i said, playfully punching her arm.

"Oh you did take that long," Camila said, rubbing her arm.

"No i did not, now shut up," I told her.

"Guys stop fighting," Julia told us.

"Fine," we both said at the same time.

    I took my phone out of my bag and took a pic of all of us in the car and posted it on instagram. I captioned it 'another day, another dance practice <3'. When I looked up we were at the dance studio.

We found the dance studio 7 years ago, no one used it so we just started using it. People saw us going in it, but no one said anything. They probably think that we own it, which we kind of do.

    We all got out of the car and went inside. Emily got her phone and speaker out.

"Ok, which playlist are we dancing to today?" Emily asked.

"Umm close your eyes and pick a random one," Camila told her.

"Ok," Emily said, while choosing one. 

    We choose our playlists depending on our mood. Today we all were tired so we picked a random one. When we are tired, we pick random ones to wake us up and get energy flowing through our bodies. As soon as the song came, we started dancing, making up random dance moves along the way. When we were done with making up the dance, we did the whole thing from the top. We were in the middle of the choreography, when we heard the door open. We didn't stop because the door makes weird noises at random times. We kept going until we got to the end. We were all sweaty and decided to take a 5 minute break. Our bags were by the door so we went get them, but when we turned around, I almost died because we saw the band One Direction.


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