20 year old Dakota has made up her mind: she's joining the Avengers. She has always known she was different, because of her father (L.). SHIELD has big plans with her and she accepts their intention to make her a soldier, not realizing how quickly things can escalate.


12. You have his eyes

The whole night I slept like an exhausted unicorn drained ‘till the very last drop of energy. Also, I hadn’t heard him enter the room. In the morning I could feel his presence, but I wasn’t worried at all off a man sleeping on my floor. Actually I felt relieved that he still wanted me to help him.
Bucky was fast asleep when I woke up. He lay on his back with no sheets or cushion. I carefully dressed myself and made sure I didn’t trip over one of his limbs sprawled on my bedroom floor. When I left my room, he was still snoring silently. I smiled.
The bathroom was empty, but already used, which meant that Wanda was up. She was downstairs having breakfast and it was then that I was almost certain she had woken me up to join her on a routine day at the compound.
I  rushed downstairs to the smell of fresh coffee and pancakes.
“Yes! Good morning!” I enthusiastically said.
“Good morning to you too!” she smiled and she continued in my mind, “Why was Bucky in your room?”
“You know why, we can help each other, for the coming days and nights.”
I watched my words. Friday was listening, but wouldn’t get the message without the question. Wanda understood.
“Hmm I see.”
She poured in some coffee and I took a pancake from the pile.
“Who made these?”
“Tony did. You just missed him. He just went to his lab in the business quarters. Vision joined him for some reason, I can’t tell.
“Mysterious… Are they hiding something?” I playfully asked.
She laughed and shook her head: “No, certainly not,” she chewed on a pancake, “Tony is in his lab all day. You won’t see him until late. He is on to something.”
“But we’re free to give him a visit?”
She looked at me as if I were mad and swallowed.
“Nobody visits Tony when he’s in his working-trance. Most don’t understand a word he’s saying.”
“I will hear emotions and you will see the thoughts. The visit won’t be so bad. I only have to verify something.”
“The device he was talking about yesterday?”
I didn’t have to answer. She knew and wanted to know too if there was something in this world that could block our mind-tricks.

First, we had to do some real business. My training continued with Wanda for the mutant powers. We used the gym and the mirrors to fight and delusion each other with dreams and illusions. We lost time. Then came Natasha to help me with my combat. I got better every minute. In between two sessions I was hanging around in the gym and watched the army-guys doing their daily fitness. Steve and Sam were running on the treadmill and Bucky was kicking ass on a rope. Out of breath, Sam gave me some useful tips about guns and knives while Steve beat him on the treadmill. Every once in a while, Steve said: “On your left.”
(Which was weird, his treadmill was on Sam’s right.)
I guess it was an inside joke, but Sam didn’t think it was funny. He was very annoyed and broke off his explanation every time.
“It’s okay not to be the best in everything, you now… Nobody’s perfect.”
“Yeah, I know that,” Sam said while stopping the treadmill and drying his sweaty forehead.
“I was talking about Steve,” I said with a mysterious smile. They were puzzled.
At the same time Bucky jumped down from the rope and stretched his shoulders.
Steve decided to chance the subject: “You no longer look sleep evaded already! Bucky, you must tell me your secret, because the nights are long.”
“Dakota gave me some tips, ask her.”
I blushed.
“You do some sorcery on this guy?” Sam asked, “when you’re around he looks all cleaned up and fresh. When you’re gone, he’s his usual self.”
“I make him tea, but don’t tell the others. That’s a secret, with secret ingredients,” I whispered.
“You’re a real sorcerer,” Steve shouted and he started a playful wrestle with Bucky. They were cute.
Clint entered the air-conditioned room. He was here for me. My next session was shooting and aiming, with Hawkeye. The best of the best.

Clint came to fetch me and took me to the little farm on the compound. He had a whole stash of arrow there, but what was more important to me: targets.
On our way he build on the conversation that I had in the gym.
“Are you a sorcerer, Dakota?”
“No, only a mutant.”
He slowed his pace and gave me an intense look.
“You have his eyes,” he said all of a sudden. I was taken aback.
“Your father, a jerk I admit, you have his eyes. You’re not a mutant.”
I stopped dead. We were outside. The wind blew chilly in my hair. I closed my eyes and sighed.
“I don’t receive any repelling emotions towards me right now, but I am aware of the hatred towards this specific person and the confusion. You hid it quite well. When did you discover?”
“Only last week. It was something my son said to me before I left my home for this oncoming mission.”
“Just like that.”
I opened my eyes again and saw Clint’s meeting mine.
“I am not a monster.”
I started to walk again and fixed my gaze at the farm in the distance.
He was, and he was a god. You are his daughter. How could that even happen?”
“I don’t know!” I sounded angry, “my mother left me when I was very young and yes, I am special in some ways, but my grandparents raised me well. I’m not like him and don’t tell the others, please.”
“Why did Tony hire you? Doesn’t he know?”
“He doesn’t have the slightest idea, Clint. SHIELD advised me for the team, Tony agreed voluntarily. ”
We walked next each other and I scented hostility from the moment he brought up the subject. Clint hated Loki, but he didn’t hate me.
“I have to tell him, Dakota.”
I turned sideways: “Wait until after the mission. There’s too much at stake and we need the Avengers to be a team, believe me.”
“I know what you mean, I have tried to keep them together. But now I’m not alone anymore, I have an ally. You. They like you Dakota, It’s like an angel send you here to save the team bonding. I don’t care that you’re a fresher, or a demi god for that matter of fact, and we’ll talk about it over a week.”
With these words he directed me to the buildings where the animals lived and weeds grew.
In a little field, next to the chicken coop, there were three targets.
Clint helped me to fix my aim of my powers. I gave it all I got, but these kind of powers didn’t suit me. I was very exhausted by the time Clint said we were done for the day. We walked back in silence to our lunch. He offered me some water, because I was sweating like hell.

Tony wasn’t there for lunch, Vision wasn’t either. He had an excuse, Tony hadn’t. Wanda and I exchanged a look and agreed to bring Tony his lunch afterwards. When the table cleaned itself, I picked Tony’s plate and filled it with a slice of meat and a lot of vegetables. I gestured for Wanda to open the door and we left the living quarters without bothering the other conversation going on at that exact moment.
(Natasha and Clint disagreed on a point concerning the mission and couldn’t shut up about it.)
We walked on the grass and I sighed. I had to tell Wanda.
“Clint knows…”
She gasped.
“I’ll be eliminated from the Avengers, of course, but he will wait to tell the others.”
“You won’t be …! Okay… maybe…”
I looked at her for a full moment of sadness, but I smiled it away.
“Let’s give Tony his lunch, shall we.”
She opened the door to the business quarters. We walked through a few halls and rooms, took the stairs downstairs and arrived in Tony’s lab. Vision noticed us first.
“Ladies, what a surprise!”
“Is it?” Wanda asked.
Tony appeared from behind a huge technical looking device. He smiled, but it was a fake one.
“Dakota and Wanda! You arrived here just on time. I just wanted to test this for the first time!”
“It isn’t save when…”
“I know what I’m doing Vision, thank you.”
He took an iron headgear and came our way.
“This is the aiefzebkzebisvterminator. It will send more powerful radiation or stop it, whatever I want it to do. It will be easier to control telekinesis over long distances and even block them in short distances.”
He placed it on Wanda’s head, she protested a little, but stopped immediately when she felt the change.
“Right now the terminator is enforcing the radiation, Wanda. You should be able to use your powers, the visions and others, without touching the person?”
She just looked at him blank. Disbelieve and curiousness filled the room.
“It’s working,” I said while I placed Tony’s plate on a random table,” she was a little overwhelmed. Wanda, give him a vision.”
She did and Tony could only smile.
“What else has changed, Wanda.”
He took off the headgear and carefully placed it back on the standard to adjust a few more things.
“Everything is more intense. I can feel everything, the energy, without having to put my full concentration on the object itself. Also, It carries over the whole compound. But it may be distracting in fights and therefore not useful.”
“That’s what a team is for,” I smiled.
Tony turned to me in surprise.
“Indeed,” he continued, “I will simplify this device to a simple headphone you can turn on and off. Also, when you turn it on, you do it on a tactical moment with a teammate to protect you.”
“Will it be ready for the mission?”

A few moments later there was a big disappointment when we discovered it didn’t influence me like it did Wanda. I felt no change. No blocking, nothing. I knew why. My ‘radiation’ was on a different level.
“This may be disastrous for the mission. Wanda and you will have to combine powers to make that crucial detail work.
“Really?” Wanda and I asked at the same time. We hadn’t been informed about mission details yet.
“You two will be the cover up for the whole operation, yes. The mission takes place in a small town with children , elderly and teenagers, those people have phones. They can’t know about anything going on at that time. No images can be made and spread around the world. It’s for their own protection.”
He then started talking very confusing, but I could feel the excitement and Wanda saw images of his plans and we couldn’t bring out another word for the time left.
A few hours later we left the lab in silence.
“That plan is nuts,” was the last thing Wanda said before opening the door and leave. It was dark outside and the activities on the compound faded out slowly.
Now I had to focus on other things.

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