20 year old Dakota has made up her mind: she's joining the Avengers. She has always known she was different, because of her father (L.). SHIELD has big plans with her and she accepts their intention to make her a soldier, not realizing how quickly things can escalate.


18. The evil (Loki x reader)

When I woke up, it was dark. A sack was over my head, which hurt like hell. A chair. I was chained in a chair. The smell was terrible, not worth describing it. Blood. I was bleeding too; Not life-threatening, I guessed. But my ribs…
After a while I started to remember…

Bucky, Stark, Wanda, they all screamed when they knew what was going to happen when the grenade dropped at my feet. The explosion drowned their voices and shut down my body. I flew away, crashed into the wall. The smoke hid me from the others, but they all thought I was dead.
Bucky however wanted to retrieve me anyway and started running towards me. Next, Stark rushed towards him, the jet started pulling up and leave the underground landing.
I could barely keep my eyes open. Still, they could flee now. They had to hurry, there were no more illusions who distracted the enemy.
Stark had reached Bucky and violently picked him up. Bucky protested, but Stark didn’t give in.
“Losing one is enough today,” he screamed. Then he threw Bucky inside the jet. The door closed and they flew away.
The Avengers left me.

…you are a team and you work together as a team! No one is left behind, ever! Understood?!”

Someone pinched me to check my consciousness. I gasped when the finger poked my ribs. The sack was pulled away. A light was pointed at me, I could barely see as my eyes teared up.
There was a hulk-like man, Russian stereotype, but he was from Spain.
“Hello there,” I said. Don’t lose it, keep calm.
“Dakota Laufeyson? Yes, yes, good…”
He walked in a circle around me. I was completely chained up and tried to twist my hands out of it.
“Tell me more about yourself.”
“I’m, uh, Dakota. I’m from Belgium, I am 20 years old.”
“Lies. Lies; Lies and even more lies. You are not from earth, you are much older.”
I let out a cute, innocent laugh.
“Excuse me, sir. I’m younger actually, but my biological age is 20.”
He wanted to slap me, but admired my courage instead. I made him admire me.
“You are a god. Gods are old.”
“I’m a young one. Nice to meet you.”
He bowed over me and started laughing. Spit hit my cheek.
“A young god, impossible.”
“You better take these chains of. You’ll regret it.”
“You are going to regret your big mouth.”
I agreed.

The following hours they interrogated me about the Avengers and state’s secrets. They pulled my hair, spit in my face, poked my ribs. Not once I was hit, not once I got intimidated. I used my aura, I kept thinking positive and influenced them all. The one after the other.
They were just human beings doing their job. I was tired. More and more people stepped in the small, smelly room and took over the marathon. My head hurt. My ribs hurt.
I only answered what they already knew. Not a single new information escaped my mouth. I played them like puppets, but I was weak. There was no way out.
The big man, the one who had started this torturing interrogation, he entered again. He had started his next shift, mine never had stopped.
“Dakotaaaah, I can see through your tricks,” he said while he came closer.
“What a waste of time, isn’t it?” I joked. He didn’t smile.
He laid a briefcase on the table and opened it slowly. Inside was the prototype of the aiefzebkzebisvterminator.
“Won’t work on me,” I said.
“It will. Stark was too blind to see who you really are, but we understand.”
He carefully took the headphone in his hands and moved towards me. He put it on my head as if it were a crown.
“We adapted the frequency and made it match with your energy. Instead of making you stronger, like with Scarlet Witch, it will shut you down.”
“Cool. Good job, hail Hydra,” I sarcastically sighed.
It was on and I felt naked. The constant stream of emotional information disappeared. It was dead-silent in my head now.
“My aura will stay a few more minutes. You can drink a coffee in the meantime,” I gently suggested.
“Yes, yes, good idea,” he walked backwards to the door, “I will come back with more fun toys.”
The door slammed shut.
“Now I have a problem,” I sighed. How could it have come this far?
“Do you need help? Clearly you need help,” a voice said. Shocked, I looked up. Everybody had left the room, but there he was out of nowhere.
“Hello, my daughter,” he smiled.
Loki. What was he doing here?
“Hello, father. Nice trick.”
“I know, I know, but now let’s talk about you, Dakota.”
He stepped in front of me and kneeled down.
“Should I be disappointed or proud?”
“Both, I guess.”
He laughed and averted his eyes for a second. His jawline was familiar, I had the same one.
“You have such a sweet temperament. You remind me of Sleipnir, one of your brothers.”
His eyes were blue, his hair pitch-black. I was confused, because I had expected more… evil.
“I’ve kept an eye on you, Dakota,” Loki said as he stood up again. He started pacing.
“But SHIELD had grip on you the whole time and the only way I could reach you was trough books. Your mother wanted you to be raised as a human, to give you the chance to be normal. But you are not, Dakota. I should have taken you with me when I had the opportunity, even if you would have lived your life in secret.”
I shook my head: “I did too, here on earth. My grandparents… We had to change identity quite a lot. We had to move out, again and again.”
“Yeah, such a waste of time. Joining the Avengers? Seriously? Why waste your precious gifts to these maniacs? If human kind wants to destroy their planet, just let them destroy it.”
“Says the one who brought an alien army to New York.”
“Sand over it. The point is,” he stopped in his nervous tracks, “your mother, she would have wanted me to save you from this unpleasant situation.”
He spoke about my mother in the past tense. I swallowed a painful lump in my throat.
“Go ahead,” my voice trembled, “save me, father.”
He made eye contact and felt guilty for my mother’s death. Whatever happened, he was there and saw her die.
“I want to, but you won’t.”
Surprised, I frowned my eyebrows. The chains cut my skin as I still tried to take them off.
“Come with me, Dakota. We are going to this hidden place, save.”
“Absolutely not.”
He made an obvious gesture, as if he wanted to say ‘just like her mother’.
“We’re the same, you and I. I can teach you… All your talent, it comes natural, but you could have been, you can be, so much more. Come with me.”
“No, I will flee this..; whatever and I will join the Avengers again.”
He closed his eyes, shook his head and turned away.
“Since you don’t want my help, I’ll be going now.”
“No, wait!”
He turned around again and grinned. His sweetness had disappeared.
“Now you can only help yourself, Dakota. Trust your inner powers and escape.”
“This thing on my head blocks my powers.”
He started laughing and finished his burst out with: “You still have so much to learn…”
“How so?”
“Dakota, you are a frost giant. Make these ignorant animals feel pain.”
“I don’t understand…”
I was truly upset now. He was leaving me. Again. But he waited a little more to break the illusion.
“The device on your head doesn’t stop you, nothing can. All you do, is creating illusions by using the energy of broken space-fragments and reform them.”
“But the mind-reading?”
“You don’t need mind reading to escape. That gifts is a marvellous combination of your mother’s excellent genes and my godliness.”
“But… only illusions… And what with the bullets I’ve stopped? How was that possible?”
“You are a frost giant. You only saw what you wanted to see, you created an illusion on yourself.”
Loki had come closer and patted me on the knee, but I couldn’t feel it. He backed off again.
“Enough shatter. Read the book I gave you: the one about Nordic Gods.”
He faded away. His illusion disappeared and he left me alone. I think I’ve never felt this miserable in a long time.
Those stupid chains. Why couldn’t I get them off? I was so tired, on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I gave another pull and another. Think: frost giant. Ice and power.
Frost. Giant. Woah.
The chains got frozen. The metal broke. My hands were free, my feet too. I kicked away the chair and looked at the mirrored glass. My skin had turned blue, it vaporised in the warmer environment. When I pulled off the device, a stream of panicked emotions flowed into my brain.
“I told you, you would regret it.”
The lock on the door broke. I started walking. Bullets were fired, but I had this shield as blue as deep frozen ice. It had never been energy. It was ice and broken space-fragments.
But I was still weak. I had to hurry and get out. So I started running. I ran over men who were trying  to shoot me. I ran through halls and corridors. I took stairs up, then crossed a lab. All passed by in a haze. The armed men screamed in pain when I crossed their path.
I couldn’t concentrate anymore, but I found my way to the roof. I could sense them now, and it hit me like a surprise. The Avengers, they had started a mission to safe me not long after the God of Mischief had talked to me. They were fighting their way into the building, but it was on a cliff, on an island. The island wasn’t big, but well-armed with canons. I saw the ocean and a lot of fighting in the sky. I saw Iron Man, Falcon, the jet.
The Avengers came back for me.
“Stark!” I screamed. He was as surprised as I was.
“Give me an energy-shot, now!”
I fell on my knees. Or was I already on them? I couldn’t remember.
Metal touched the concrete roof. He ran towards me, put a needle in my arm.
“Why are you all blue?”
“Frost giant.”
I pulled myself up, could finally concentrate again.
“We thought you were dead.”
“Me too.”
A canon had aimed us. It fired a huge pulse.
I held up my hand, a shield stopped the blast from hitting us. But it hit me harder than I had calculated. My legs gave away. Stark caught me and picked me up in his arms.
“Let’s get out of here, hold on.”
Falcon covered us. I saw everyone retreat. We flew back to the jet, but I was passing out again. I only saw fragments and faces.
The fighting had stopped and it was calm on the jet. We were flying in a straight line. Bucky’s hand stroke a lock of hair out of my face. Good, he was wearing a glove.
Wanda, Vision, Steve and his worried frown.
“What did they do to her?” Bucky’s voice.
“I have no idea, she’s all ice, her skin,” Wanda.
“Don’t touch,” I heard Starks voice warn, “she did this to herself. She’ll be alright.”

“I’m more worried about the concussion,” Natasha was closest to me now. I was laying down somewhere else, a lab. The jet was gone.
“She has several bleedings. It’s a wonder she’s not in a coma.”
“As I said,” Stark interrupted, “she’ll be fine.”

There was a quarrel.
“You can’t lock her up for the rest of her life, Stark. She is not a soldier,” Bucky was angry. There was some pulling and tension.
“What, are you going to protect her? You can’t.”
“She’s not a lab rat,” Wanda interfered.

The lab was quite again. Someone held my hand and kissed it softly.
“I’ll miss you, Dakota. Take care of yourself.”
“We have to go,’ Steve. Sam was there too, but then they were gone.

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