20 year old Dakota has made up her mind: she's joining the Avengers. She has always known she was different, because of her father (L.). SHIELD has big plans with her and she accepts their intention to make her a soldier, not realizing how quickly things can escalate.


16. Mission Schooltime

“Everybody is in position.”
The van took a turn and parked at the furthest parking spot of the school. Wanda was in great concentration. She had closed her eyes and her index rested on the little headphone on her right ear. She didn’t hear us anymore. She was giving cover to all the units getting ready.
Now it was my turn. This morning I was explained in detail what to do. I had to enter the school, go to the library and create my illusion to evacuate the pupils who were present. Nothing could go wrong, because if a Hydra agent passed our path, I would turn us invisible.
Us was Bucky and me. He was my back-up, he would protect me. Bucky was in the evacuation team to be kept away from the lab, but there were no risks in going to the library and back.
“Hey, T., you ready?” Sam’s voice asked in my ear plug.
I looked at Bucky and he gave me a nod.
“We’re going in,” Bucky said and he opened the door. He took my hand and helped me out.
The stress was gone the moment we crossed the parking lot and entered the school.
It was Saturday. The homework class was in the library. I had studied the map of the school by hard. Bucky went first through the main hall. We passed the gym and the lockers. Our paces matched each other.
There were other footsteps. Woman’s heels, she was about to cross the corner.
I heard myself gasp, then quickly grabbed Bucky’s arm and pulled him behind a wall where the vending machines were.
Bucky looked at me in surprise.
“What’s wrong? Just make us invisible,” he whispered.
“I can’t,” I whispered back. The footsteps were coming closer.
He gently pushed me against the wall and took a knife from his pocket.
“Don’t,” I took his hand, “it’s a robot, Bucky. They replaced all the teachers with robots and they protect the lab in the basement. We can’t just fight them with a knife. My illusions don’t work either…”
I couldn’t sense their emotions, the other people in the school beside the few students. My instinct told me there was only one other explanation…
Bucky put his knife away, pushed me against the wall again and muttered in my plug-free ear: “”New plan. Kiss me.”
He pressed his lips against mines. I was too surprised to even move. Seconds must have went by when he took grip of my neck and pulled me closer. I let him and hold the collar of his jacket. Just when I was about to forget about the teacher, she turned around the corner and let out a human scream: “No! What?! Unacceptable, stop it immediately!”
I was sincerely shocked when Bucky and I parted. I felt busted.
“What is going on here? Who are you?”
“O… omg, I’m so sorry miss… Halsbury. I… I was about to leave, I swear.”
“Young lady, your face is unfamiliar with me. You are new here and you are already breaking all the rules!”
She positioned herself between us. I saw Bucky scanning to take her down, but he couldn’t find a weak spot., but he did see a few details and gave me a nod. She was a robot.
“Miss Halsbury, the homework-class, I’m late, I should probably go…”
“That’s right, young lady,” she said and she took grip of Bucky’s jacket, “and you are coming with me. I’m escorting you outside. This is unacceptable.”
She gave a little pull and Bucky gave in. He whispered quickly: “”I told you my place was a better idea.”
“I didn’t want to miss homework-class!”
“Alright, alright, I’ll see you later babe.”
They were already on their way when the roboteacher turned around again and pointed towards me: “I want to see you at the principal’s office at 3 p.m. Now go to the library and make your homework. I will discuss this matter with the principal as quickly as possible.”
I acted guilty and looked at my feet.
“Yes, ma’am.”
They continued. I just lost my back-up and I was on my own. So I rushed to the library. My heart pounded in my chest and I could still feel Bucky’s lips on mines.
“Guys,” I informed the others with the ear plug, “change of plans. All the teachers are replaced by hydra robots to protect the lab. They already must have sensed something’s wrong.”
Natasha answered heavy breathing: “Yeah, I noticed. Thanks.”
I arrived at the library and created an illusion the moment I pushed the door handle down.
Sixteen students were studying. All their heads were bend down over their books. One alarmed head stared up at me in killer mode. Another teacher guarded the pupils. He was -of course- not in the illusion. He could clearly see me staring back at him.
“Oh shi…”
I rushed to a bookcase to take cover when a bullet fire hit. His arm was a machine gun?!
The fire hit the books and pieces of paper whirled around. He aimed just above the heads of the clueless pupils. I had to act quick.
I jumped to a table and turned it over.
Concentrate, Dakota, don’t let the illusion fade.
The fire stopped. He was reloading. I jumped up and launched myself towards him. My hand clutched his hair. I pulled it out and exposed a bunch of wires. I shot an energy pulse in his crane and backed off when his head exploded.
For a second I checked if the illusion was still intact, when a hand clutched my jeans jacket and threw me in the air.
I crashed onto the wall and gritted my teeth to take in the pain that shot through my back.
The now headless robot rushed towards me and punched. I blocked him with a shield.
“T.? Everything alright?” Sam shouted.
“Everything’s under control.”
“Help is coming, hold on,” Stark said.
“Don’t! I’ll lose the illusion.”
Another punch struck my ribcage. I heard a crack.
I pushed him away with all the energy I had left and managed to tear off an arm. But the other arm smashed me to the other side of the room. I flew past a student and hit a bookcase.
“I’m fine,” I moaned to the team.
“It doesn’t sound like that,” Steve commented. He was seriously worried.
“I just broke a rib. That’s fine, but I don’t want to break the illusion and traumatize these kids. Don’t. send. them. in.”
“To see your teacher as a destructive robot is not traumatizing at all, lads,” Stark commented, “make it quick, T.”
“Got it.”
I crawled under a table and calculated the distance between me and the robot. I had one shot to take him down. One chance. First I let him come closer, then I fired and took him down. At last.
“I’m starting the evacuation now, warn Wanda, light it up, guys.”
I stumbled towards the door and continued to develop the illusion over the kids. Now they heard a fire alarm. I took the form of their teacher. There was a distant explosion. They started invading the lab.
“Hurry up! Hurry! Everybody go outside!”
Smoke entered the room, that smoke was not an illusion. They slightly started to panic and packed their stuff.
“Close that window!”
I got them out safely. At the school entrance I found the mutant team dressed as fire fighters. Brick winked at me when we passed. I gave him a smile.
Once outside, I handed over the pupils to Wanda. She had all the fire trucks and sirens ready.
I left the group of students once they were fully evacuated and joined the others of the evacuation team. Bucky helped me in the van. Only then I remembered the pain in my ribs.
“You did good,” he said and pressed an ice pack against my chest. Wanda was still in the same position. Everyone else was focused on something else.
I automatically placed my hand on the ice pack, but instead I touched his hand.
“More to the right,” I said. Bucky carefully moved the ice pack and looked up at me.
“Besides the rib: everything alright?”
I nodded. The van started moving. The moment ended.
“They’ve successfully destroyed the lab. We’re going back to the jet,” an agent said. I had seen his face before.
“SHIELD takes over now.”
Wanda moved and looked around. She was back.
“O! Dakota, what happened?”
“A lot.”
I managed to give her a smile.
“Good job everyone,” Stark announced, “I’ll will inform you about the results in the jet.”

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