20 year old Dakota has made up her mind: she's joining the Avengers. She has always known she was different, because of her father (L.). SHIELD has big plans with her and she accepts their intention to make her a soldier, not realizing how quickly things can escalate.


19. Goodbye (Tony x reader)

I could breathe again. My ribs didn’t hurt anymore. I was in Stark’s lab, not chained up and alone. He trusted me. I felt so grateful.
“Welcome back, miss Laufeyson. How are you?”
“Keep still for a few more moments. It will go away.”
“Thanks. Where are the others?”
She hesitated a second to answer me. Can computers hesitate?
“Mister Stark is upstairs.”
“The others??”
“Not present in the tower.”
“He left.”
“Tell Stark I’m awake and want to see him.”
“Will do, miss Laufeyson.”
She went quiet and I tried to lift my head. I was really dizzy. Why were we back in New York and not on the compound? Oh, yeah, right…
“Dakota,” a familiar voice greeted me in excitement, but deep inside the message was something dark, depressed.
Stark entered the lab, being his usual self. I sat up straight quickly and looked around. He came closer and stood before me. He said nothing.
After reading some information on the screen of the bed, he drawled his attention back to me. He had this sad look in his eyes.
“”Am I fired?” I asked again.
“No, of course not. You saved our asses.”
“Did I?”
“And you will again, some day.”
Stark turned his back to me and fiddled on something on the table. A bracelet. He gave it to me, but didn’t once look at me.
"I'm going to sell the tower."
"Tell me something new?" I laughed at his clumsiness. 
“I have a date with Pepper tomorrow.”
I smiled. Yes, that would cheer him up.
“Tell me more.”
“We’re just friends. More interesting: Vision and Wanda, they are dating too, but it’s experimental.”
“They are experimental.”
“Show me your face, Tony.”
His first name always worked, so he turned around again. I studied his face. He had a black eye, four days old.
“How is the team?”
“Clint went back to his family, of course. Natasha joined him, but she won’t stick around, of course…”
“The others? You’ve had a fight, I can tell.”
I pointed at his eye. He simply took a breath and sat next to me on the bed. We appreciated the moment for a while. The dizziness wore off.
“They are gone, aren’t they?”
“I asked them to stay, Barnes was the problem.”
“Steve and Sam backed him up and they disappeared in thin air. Well, you can’t chain them up, Tony.”
“And Wanda wants to leave too, she’s feeling restrained. Vision… I don’t know… Why can’t we just stick together? Why do we always split up again?”
“It’s temporary, believe me,” I reassured him. He looked at me sideways, very confused.
“Rapport,” he whispered.
“I’m not the glue, don’t you see?”
“You had one job?”
I laid my hand on his shoulder, more to comfort myself than him.
“The Avengers… all they need, is a mutual enemy, a mission. They’re not cut out for family life, not Ant-Man, not even that kid Peter.”
“How do you know Peter?”
“i did my research,” I giggled, “he’s awesome.”
The New York skyline, I didn’t even enjoy it. There was an aching feeling in my stomach.
“I have to leave, too,” I said ,”I’m not a mutant, and I’m not a lab rat.”
Stark's hands squeezed the bed. He knew all along, but had kept hope high.
“My father talked to me, recently…. I found out that I know so little. I’m going to find some answers.”
The bracelet still lay in my palm. I caressed it and put it on.
“Take the envelope with you when you leave, would you. Don’t take the elevator, take the side entrance and throw away your phone. Do me a favor and be careful.”
His voice was nothing more than a whisper.
“It’s pay day today, but I put in some extra’s.”
It was a big white envelope on the working table, containing passports, money and everything I needed to slip away from SHIELD.
I had been a prisoner all this time and I hadn’t even fully realized it. Of course they wouldn’t just let me go like this, I was state’s property.
But Stark understood, he listened to Bucky, to Steve and to his conscience. He wanted me to take the envelope and start over.
“You won’t regret it,” I said, my hand slipped off his shoulder, “thank you.”
He gave me a smile and I could read his thoughts in his expression only. He knew that I would have escaped anyway, I’m a demi-god. But I would have started with nothing but the clothes I was wearing, now I had something.
I jumped to my feet and grabbed the envelope from the table.
“Besides,” Stark started, “we should talk about your genes… the frost giant part is dangerous, the Loki part not so.”
“Don’t worry, I only turn cold when I’m mad.”
I started walking to the door.
“I’m not worried, because on the island… you took all those men down, but didn’t kill a single one of them,” Stark reasoned, he wanted to understand.
“That’s not up to me, is it?”
The door slid open. I stood still in the opening for a second and glanced back at his figure on the bed.
“Goodbye, Tony Stark.”
“We will meet again, Dakota,” he shouted at last.
I went to my room and found my stuff. I put on anonymous clothes, packed my suit carefully. I found the book about the Nordic Gods and packed it too. I took only what I needed in a big sack. I left the tower. I left New York after a few days with a whole new identity.
I rented a car and drove west. I disappeared from SHIELDS radar, for the first time in my whole life. I was free.
I had heard about some people who knew more about portals to Asgard and other stuff. One was said to be Thor’s girlfriend. They could help me on my way.

I never got to say goodbye to the Avengers, but I wrote letters. They would probably never read them.


Wanda had become my best friend.

Vision had become her lover.

Sam was that caring friend who asked the right questions at the right time.

Steve had been my role-model.

Bucky had stolen my heart, but left before he put it in his pocket.

Tony was like a father I never had, or will ever have.

Clint had been the one to keep me focused.

Natasha had taught me to receive punches and punch back.

And I, I had finally grown up.

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