Hopeless Romantic Man

Ash is hopeless when it comes to asking people out on a date or starting up a conversation with someone he fancies.


2. The Driver

 She explains to me that she has to get ready to go to work shortly and that I am able to see myself out. The bed is about a king size, with perfectly fitted sheets, the pillows were unbelievably soft and fluffy. I turn to set let me legs hang off of the bed from the left, I closer inspect the room and see that she lives alone. “God she was game enough to bring someone she doesn’t know home into her own bed” I say to myself while inspecting the off cream walls with a burgundy feature wall behind the bed head. I get up to start walking towards the door that leads into the hallway, it is a fine piece of timber that looks to be handcrafted from Purple heart that goes well with the feature wall. I stop for a moment and let out an awe, the hallway through the door is a simple off-cream colour with a few pictures at head height. I take a closer inspection at the picture as I walk past them and in one of the pictures I see her with her father at what seems to be her university graduation. A little further down I see a picture of her when she was in elementary “Oh my god, no way” I say while looking at the picture. Before I leave to go back to my place I leave my number on her fridge with “I believe we need to talk” written on it.


The sun was scorching down onto the pathway leading to the road, it hurt to look at the white footpath. I take note of the street name and I haven’t got a clue where it is. The heat is taking a toll on my body, I should have had a look to see if there was a bottle of water in the fridge for me to take. A glimpse a cab at the end of the road, I give it a wave and whistle. The drive notices me and drives towards me, I jump into the cab. “Where to?” the driver asks before I could settle down into the chair. I give him my address, “Crazy night last night? Ey” he says. “What do you mean?” I ask him. He explains everything to me saying how he was the one who picked me up last night and took me her place. “You really don’t remember? Not even confessing to that pretty young girl?” he says with a smirk on his face. “CONFESS?!, What did I confess?”. “Ohhh nothing important, don’t you worry about it” he says almost cracking into a fit of laughter.

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