Hopeless Romantic Man

Ash is hopeless when it comes to asking people out on a date or starting up a conversation with someone he fancies.


1. The Bar



I see her across the room, all alone not knowing what to do. “Should I go talk to her” I ask myself, I’m too shy to walk up to her and start a conversation with her. I stand there, staring as if im some sort of freak or stalker. A man walks up to her and makes her giggle, something inside me just died knowing that someone else has taken the women I had set my eyes on. It was all my fault though, I didn’t go up to her and start talking, I just stood there from across the room staring. “Another one please ma’am” I said to the bartender barely keeping my balance. “I think you’ve had enough to drink; I’ll call you a cab” she said politely. The room started to spin as I tried to look around the room to see who was still here. I grab a hold of the bench at the bar, “Are you alright?” I hear from behind me, I turn to them to start up a conversation but as I turn I too see who it was, I freeze. It was the girl that was across the room from earlier that night “Yea, I….. I’m allllllrightttt now” I slur out while trying to get a grip before falling to the ground.


The light shining through the blinds hurt as I open my eyes. I squint to try and see where I am, I sit up in bed for a moment to gather myself. “I see you’re awake, feeling better?” A voice says from in the bathroom. “Yea, I’m feeling be” I went speechless the second I saw who it was that walked out of the bathroom. It was the women I was talking to last night before I passed out, it was the women I stared at for 30 minutes across the room, it was the women that was nameless to me. “I’m sorry” I say to her while looking her up and down. She had long wavy blonde hair, a nice tan that wasn’t too dark on her, her eyes were ocean blue which captivated anyone stared into them and she was only wearing a shirt that fell down to her thighs. “I’m sorry” I say again before introducing myself. “My name is Ashley, but you can call me Ash for short. Sorry about last night” I say rushing my sentence. “Nice to meet you Ash, my names Loren. Don’t worry about it, it’s all good. Luckily a few people helped get you into the cab or I would have been in trouble” Loren says with a sparkling white smile. She jumps onto the bed with me, it bounces a bit. Loren isn’t a big person, she would be about a size 10, about 5 foot 6. We sat on the bed for hours just talking to each other and having a laugh. I explained to her how I wanted to go up to her last night at the bar and have a talk with her but I was too shy to go up to her. She giggles as I tell her that, “That’s silly, no need to be shy” she explains to me. “I’m not one that many women would, how would you say it. Talk to?” I explain to her what has happened in my past how women would always ignore me.

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