❤️love Heals❤️

Your mum put you in a competition to meet the boys and stay with them for three weeks in Europe. Will one of them heal your old scars and be with you. ❤️❤️


1. My Birthday🎉🎁

Its the 20th of july my birthday. I cant believe I'm turning 17. The past few years have been hard to deal with.

"Stacie!! Your presents and breakfast is ready!"

Yes. I get out of bed and chuck on a pair of black skinny jeans and a green day muscle shirt and jogged down the steps to see a plate full of pancakes with a single envelope set upon the table. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY STACIE!" I jump in shock as my mum, dad and sister jump out from behind the food cupboard holding a purse full of money. "Whats the money for mum?" She points over to the table where the red envelope sits. I rip open the paper where two slips of paper fall out onto the table. Before i take a glance at the slips of paper i read the small card.

Happy Birthday!!

My dear Stacie you have grown so much. I am so glad to call you my eldest child. Even though it is a small present but i hope you love it. It has been tough over the last few years but im glad you got through it.

With loads of love your family

I then look at the two parchments that lay on the table. I read the small writting on the long shiny one.

Two flights to sydney

On the second one is a picture if 5SOS. I read it. I cant believe it i get to meet my favourite band. I look at mum and dad with tears in my eyes and smile they both kiss me on the cheek. I unwrap the present that Steph my eight year old sister Steph hands me in it is a Blink 182 tee i give her a kiss and run up stairs to excited to say anything. I chuck my band tees, converses, toiletries into the bag before chucking it downstairs.

"Stacie Wacey mum wants me to tell you that your pancakes are getting cold." I look at my sister standing in the door way. She has blonde wavy hair that goes down to her shoulders and she wears denim shorts with a white t-shirt that says princess on the front. I walk up to her and give her a hug. "Thanks Stephy poo i shall come down right now. Tickle?" Her grin disappears and she slowly backs up and jog downstairs. "I will get you Steph." I hear her squeal as she runs downstairs into her bedroom. I walk up to the table and start shoving the pancakes into my mouth. "Hey piggy be careful don't want to get sick before your Squash tournament."

I suddenly gulp down the pancakes. I completely forgot about the tournament. I sprint up stairs and put my jogging shorts and black tank top on before running into the closet and grabbing my drink bottle and racket. I give my dad a kiss on the cheek and run outside to see robbie sitting in his car tapping his finger on the steering wheel. "Sorry I'm late i completely forgot."

"All goods Stac happy birthday."

He gives me a hug before starting the car engine. As we drive we talk start talking about his relationship with Valerie my Best Friend. Robbie is the same height as me, blonde curly hair that always looks like morning hair, blue eyes and freckles. Everyone who didn't know us fully thought we are siblings. We arent even related. But we are the bestest of friends we have known each other since we were 5. Valerie on the hand is tall, very tall, long black straight hair, brown eyes and really tanned skin. We have known each other since we were 10-11.

"So, what did you get for your birthday?"

He turns down the music until its a whisper.

"Well its not that big but i get to go to Aussie and meet and stay with 5SOS for three weeks!"

I pump my fists into the air.

"So you get to meet your favourite band."

He slows down the car as we turn into the clubs drive way. I hop out of the car and grab my squash gear before running into the indoor area.

Skip Tournament

As i walk in the front door the sudden blast of Midnight Memories from One direction pops my ears.


The music quietens down and i hear thuds from Stephs bedroom.

"Mummy and Daddy have gone out they will be back by 6."

The music starts blaring again as i make my way back up to my room to take a shower. I search in my small bag for my green shaver and i pull out my old friend. Blade. I have a sudden flashback of singing my favourite song while cutting deep into my thigh and arm washing out all the bad blood. I chuck the blade back into the bag and grab my shaver.

I dry my self and chuck on my new Blink tee and a pair of ripped skinny jeans and make my way down to the kitchen and have a vegemite sandwich.

"Stac can you make me a sandwich pleasee!"

I am like a slave to her. I make her a sandwich with peanut butter. I walk into her room and all i see is her 'dancing' which is disturbing and set the sandwich onto her dresser. Across the room is a mirror and i look at my self. I have long blonde hair with black dyed tips, i am tall, hazel eyes sometimes green and freckles on my cheeks i am not pretty but i am not ugly. I walk out of her room and trip over her clothes that she left on the ground i curse under my breathe and hear my notification go off on my phone.

Sorry darling but we wont be home until 10 hope you like the cake. Love you.

Well at least that means more cake for me and Steph. Its all ready 7 so i decide to order our favourite pizza. Meat lovers. After ten minutes the pizza finally gets delivered and we lay on the couch jamming to GreenDay. The cake was delicious chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream. I put Steph to bed and decide that i should go to bed as well because tomorrow is a big day. I slip on my Mickey and minnie PJs and lay under the covers listening to Jet Black Heart before falling to sleep.

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