Two worlds in one forest

You meet a devil on a trip to earth. You and he have both been sent to a forest for a test. What you didn’t know was that you were not alone. Suddenly a devil shows up and it all gets more complicated.
But you know that, if you go home, you will have failed the test. The test is about surviving, and you have to do it a month without help from family or friends. You will get the basic instincts that humans have. Hunger, thirst, loneliness, anger, regret, whatever. You can’t kill the demon, and have to live with the fact that he is in the forest too. But what will happen when he’s the only civilization there is?


2. Cold

A week after.


I swear, that demon! Why can’t he just do what I’m asking? I think while I’m going to the river where Damon should have got some water from, about half an hour ago.  He’s lying under a tree fast asleep when I get there. Lazy demon! I’m glad I don’t live in hell if all demons are like him. I think furiously and kick his leg. He sits up quickly and looks around angrily. When he sees it’s me, his face became mild and he smiles at me. ,, what’s up? Didn’t think you would come to get me birdie” he grins and takes the bucket he made out of rotten wood and goes into the river. ,, don’t give me that, you should have been done over an hour ago! How the hell would your survive if I kicked you out? I know you are a demon but at least try to help a little” I mumble and splash some water at him.

He grumbles and moves away from the water. I turn my back to him to get the bucket I took with me when I feel water pour down my back, I scream and turn around and push him away laughing. ,, What in the world” I scream and try to send him an evil eye but fail miserably when a big smile is all over my face. I push the wet hair away from my eyes, and take the bucket and fill it to the brim and throw it after him. he laugh and remove his hair from his eyes ,, okay okay truce!” I laugh and begin to fill the buckets “ we have to get the water home, the clouds look like it can rain any minute” he look up at the grey sky and quickly takes the buckets while helping me out of the river. We both run as fast as we can back to the cave, I bind the bucket to my back and soon follow him up to the cave. You look at all the things you both have gathered in the last two weeks.

Okay more you than him, but he has quite skillful with his hands.

He made the two buckets we use for water and gathering berries and the rope, even though I'm not quite sure how he had learned to do this thing. Perhaps there are other things they learn in hell.

He looks at me with one of the famous smirks he sends me when he wants something.

,, I am dead tired of berries, I am even surprised one of us isn’t dead yet, for all the poisonous ones at the not eatable ones. I want some meat” I look at him like he's lost his head.

And how the heaven does he thinks I can find it?

,, so?” I ask not really sure where I want this to go. He rolls his eyes like it's me that talking nonsense. ,, we have to find a city, there is food, and most of all there is equipment so we can survive this crap” I look at him like he's going insane, he know just as well at me that we are not allowed to leave this forest. Actually we aren’t allowed to be around another living creature.

I am already breaking that rule, like god I will break another one.

,, are you insane? You have told me that your rules are the same as ours. We are already breaking one, and now you will go out an break another? Do you even know how meat tastes? We aren’t exactly used to eat. How can you crave something you have never tasted?” just as angels, demons don’t drink or eat.

How they survive he hasn’t told me. But he did tell me that he has a hard time like me getting used to all this irritating emotions. ,, I have never tasted meat humans eat, but angel, I have tasted meat. Demons eat human flesh” my eyes go big and a new felling swells up in me.


,, human flesh?! You eat human flesh? Oh god you are really a son of the devil” I say degusted.

 Just when I have gotten used to him being a demon, a new degusting thing comes up.

,, yeah I am, I'm a devil, I torture human souls. I lure men and woman to their death. I know you all good and mighty but I live in hell. There are rules, and you damn well follows them if you don’t want to get eaten yourself. Only the strongest survives, the rest is you food” he snarls and turn he's back to me. The weak get eaten? In Michaels name I'm glad I was born a angel.

Well even a snail would be better.

,, I'm sorry, you right. Sometimes I don’t think about that you probably doesn't have it easy in hell even though you are a demon.” I say and put a hand on his arm, he turn around and give me a smile.

He tells me that it is okay, and o course it will be hard for me to understand something like that when I literally comes from the purest place in the universe.

We use the little sunlight there is left before the downfall to eat these irritating berries and just relax before it will get so cold, that we were afraid that we would die. Last time we wasn’t prepared to feel cold, and we wasn’t as good to handle it as we could have.

We both thought that we would die. No one of us have ever felt cold in our lives so it was perhaps what humans call instinct that made us huddled against each other.

Really awkward the next morning when we woke in each other’s arms, but now we have to get to terms with the fact that that’s the only reason we survived and that we have to do it again.



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