Tarquin Morgan Anthology- My love for vehicles

This is a poetry anthology that was begun in my year 9 English class. Mainly all of my poems are about drag racing and my love for the sport and vehicles. This anthology is dedicated to my dad, Don and his other friends for teaching me about cars, how they work and tips and tricks to make them run stronger and harder.


6. Ode To Aminal

Ode to Aminal

Aminal, oh Aminal 

open up your butterflies and let out your mighty roar 

smoke them tires down the track 

on the line sitting pretty, panit sparkling and all 

time slows to a snails pace as you make the ground rumble and thud our chests 

Off you go like a cheetah down the quater mile swaying from side to side like a boat 

past the end chutes out, brakes on 

to fast no time off the edge, laying in the sand 

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