The roommate

Tory levvington needs a roommate. Not because she needs one, but because she's bored of being alone. When she finally finds the right roommate, things don't go as expected...

"Tory." he whispered in my ear. Shivers falling down my back.
"I...I can't do this." I shuddered.
"But, Tory." he groaned as he slid his hands across my stomach.
"Please. I don't want to..." I let out a moan as he sucked on my ear.
"James..." I sighed as I melted into his hold.
"I knew you couldn't resist me." he cooed.
"Shut it." I said and spun around, placing my chest against his, and kissed him hard.


32. Surprise visit

"hello." I smiled as I wrapped my arms around forests neck.

"What's got you all sappy?" he smiled.

I dunno. just feel good." I kissed his cheek.

"That's nice. Your mom called. She wants you to go visit her today." He sighed.

"Are you coming with me?" I sat back on the bed.

"Cant. I have work." he looked at me.

"So. I don't want to go alone." I pouted.

"Take Delilah." h rolled his eyes.

"No. Delilah is always busy. literally she scheduled to meet me next Thursday because she's jammed all week. SCHEDULED." I frowned.

"I don't know what to tell you." Forest shrugged.

"Tell me you'll go with me." I reached for his hand.

"Quit it, Tory." he snapped.

"Fine." I narrowed my eyes. "Ill find someone else. And you're not going to like who it is."

"Fine." he retorted.


" James, were going to my parents house." I said as I barged into my old apartment.

"Wait. What about Forest?" he asked.

"Forest refuses to accompany me so I told him I'm taking someone he's not going to like. happens to be you. come on. long drive." I explained.

"Tory I don't want to jeopardize your guys relationship anymore than I already have these last few days." he said.

"James we did the worst possible thing to him anyone could do in a relationship. I don't care at this point." I sighed.

"Tory. are you sure a secret relationship is good for you guys... no. don't answer that." he pointed at me.

"like I said. I don't care. so come on." I grabbed his hand and we headed to the parking lot and I found his blue Taurus.

I cant believe you still drive this thing." I shook my head.

"I cant believe I do either." he got in and started the loud engine.


"Mom!" I hollered as I opened the door.

Hanna was standing in the kitchen eating an apple.

"Tory? "she asked.

"Hey!" I beamed as I pulled her into a hug.

"What are you doing here? what is he doing here?" she looked at James.

"Long story. too young." I patted her cheek.

"um... I'm an adult now." Hanna said.

"Adult, Assault." I waved her off.

"Oh." she rolled her eyes.

"Where's mom?" I asked.

"in the living room with Ethan."

I skipped into the living room and wrapped my arms around my mothers shoulders.

"Guess whos home." i said. she smelled of oranges and old ladies.

"Tory!" she beamed.

"Hi mommy." i smiled.

James walked in with his hands in his pockets, looking uncomfortable.

"oh... James. what a pleasant surprise." mom stuttered. " wheres Forest?"

"He didnt want to come." i said flatly.

"so you brought..."

"well i know you guys missed him and that you liked him better than forest and he wanted to come too so i just brought him along." i said.

"Does forest know?" She asked.

"Not a clue. Whos hungry? Im buying."Ii said quickly.

"Uh... Tory..." Ethan started but I gave him a pleading look of, 'don't tread on my turf'

"Hows Applebees sound?" mom asked.

"great." Hanna whispered from behind me.


"So how've you been?" i asked hanna before we got ready to leave.

"Good.  College is nice." she nodded.

"go ahead. i know you have something to say. i can read your face like an open book." i sighed.

"Do you want James back in your life, tor? because it really seems like it. i mean, if i loved forest and i wanted him to come with me i would FORCE hime to."

"Of course i do... its just complicated."i frowned.

"james looked up at me from the door way.

"we gotta go. ive got work early."

"okay... i love you guys. see you soon." i waved goodbye.


uncorrected grammar. sorry also sorry its short. you guys have been waiting a while so...




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