The roommate

Tory levvington needs a roommate. Not because she needs one, but because she's bored of being alone. When she finally finds the right roommate, things don't go as expected...

"Tory." he whispered in my ear. Shivers falling down my back.
"I...I can't do this." I shuddered.
"But, Tory." he groaned as he slid his hands across my stomach.
"Please. I don't want to..." I let out a moan as he sucked on my ear.
"James..." I sighed as I melted into his hold.
"I knew you couldn't resist me." he cooed.
"Shut it." I said and spun around, placing my chest against his, and kissed him hard.


13. Ditch that bitch

I opened the door and bellowed out a hello. James Wasnt here. Great. 

I set the groceries on the table and threw my bookbag on the chair. Friday. Date night. 

I felt bad about going. Especially after Monday. Confessing our feelings and then totally ignoring eachother. I just... Didn't feel right with James. I had that feeling where he could just disappear forever.

The doorbell rang and I took off my jacket, draped it across the island and opened the door. 

"Hello?" I smiled politely.

"Flowers for a Ms. Tory levvington?" the man held out a vase filled with black roses.

"Th... That's me." I took the flowers and closed the door. I took the flowers to the kitchen and looked around for a card. Nothing. 

They could be from Chad. He does know my address. Omg. So romantic.

I pulled out the flowers and texted Chad.

Youre so sweet😄

Chad: thx?

Oh come on. Ik u sent the flowers.

Chad: flowers?

You didn't send me flowers?

Chad: no sorry. Seems a bit cheesy for my take.

I set my phone down and thought long and hard. Bash? Maybe he feels bad. Or my family. My birthday is coming up. 

I set them out and headed to my room. I stopped mid-step when I noticed rose petals heading through my door. I smiled wide and headed in. Nobody was in there. Just a note card on my bed.

In the closet you will see 
A dress you shall wear to match me.

I squealed and looked into the closet. A dress was neatly put up. I took it off the hanger and looked at it. It was beautiful. It was a puffed out minidress with blue silk and a pink waist band.

Another note card fell from the dress.

In the pantry lies a note
I want you to read the note I wrote
(After you put on the dress)

Wow... Creative?

I shrugged and got my clothes off. When I got it on it was a perfect fit. I beamed and padded into the kitchen. I opened our canned goods spot and found the note.

Ditch the bitch and hang with me
Im in apartment 43D

I smiled and looked around. This was 43D. Where could HE be? 

Aha. Im so poetic

I left the kitchen and noticed the balcony doors in the living-room were open, but the curtains closed. I peered through and gasped.


James turned around smiling.

"Hello. Have a seat." he smiled. I crossed my arms and kept my ground.

"James. I have a date tonight." I sighed.

"Did you not read my notes? Clearly you did or you wouldn't be wearing that dress." he smirked. 

"James." I groaned.

"Just give me a chance Tory. Please." 

I plopped down in my seat and huffed.

===  3 bottles of Advil later (joke on Tory's behalf)
James and I sat on the couch  happily laughing. It was almost 8:00. Chad will be here any minute.

I giggled to myself.

"What?" James asked.

"Nothing." I laughed.

"You broke a rule. Now you gotta pay." James winked.

"And Youre about to break one too." I laughed. 

"Oh. So were both naughty." James smirked, coming closer.

"You could say that." I whispered against his lips. 

"I will say it." he purred. I quickly turned my head and laughed.

" and what if I were to stop you." I giggled.

"I wouldn't let you." 

All the blood drained from may face.

"That's not funny." I whispered.

"Im sorry. I didn't..." James got off of me and slumped into the couch.

"I know." I whispered looking at the wall.

"I always say the dumbest things." he groaned.

"No you don't. You just don't realize what Youre saying." I looked over at him and pssionatly stared him dead in the eye.

"I love you." he said.

"Not a day goes by that I question that." I rubbed his knee.

"Can we... Can we restart?" he glanced at me hopefully.

"Hi." James said. "Im James Clark."

"Tory levvington. Pleasure to meet you." 

I don't know exactly what happened at that moment. But we both had the sudden urge to kiss eachother. We clashed lips but not enough to physically hurt ourselves and he started kissing me as if he hasn't seen me in years.

I straddled his body as best as the couch would let me and I ran my hands through his hair. I moaned as he made his way up my shirt and gripped my boob. I kissed down his neck and back up his jaw.

He bit my bottom lip as a teaser and slipped his tongue into my mouth. It was a fight for dominance. Its my mouth. Not his. I won and he moaned.

"Youre so fucking hot." he lifted off my dress and checked out my body. I didnt feel self conscience like I usually did when somebody even saw a thigh, I felt confident. Loved.

He unclipped my bra like a pro and made his way to my collar bone. I pulled off his shirt and rubbed his chest.

"Are you sure, Tory?" he asked, truly concerned.

"I think so." I smiled. He lifted me to my feet and leaned me against the wall. My legs still wrapped around him. We kissed eachother like maniacs. Until I heard a knock on the door.

We froze. 

"Tory?" Chad called out as he opened the door. James moved quickly and swiftly. He shut us in the linen closet both of us breathing heavily. 

"Tory!?" Chad made his way to my room. I let out a google and James covered my mouth.

"Is she fucking kidding me? She fucking ditched me?" he yelled and slammed the front door shut on his way out. James went and locked it. We both burst out laughing.

"Shhh." he demanded. "Where were we? Oh. Right."
I laid on James's bed waiting foe him as he unwrapped a condom. He set it down and climbed on top of me.

"Ive been wanting to Fuck you since day one." he groaned. He kissed down my chest and slightly sucked on my nipple. I giggled and he made his way down further. He slowly slid off my panties and moaned.

"Youre so wet." he smiled. "Trust me. You'll love this." James went down on me. I clenched the sheets in my fists as he made me feel so good. I let out loud moans until I felt myself buckle and sweet warmth spread through me.

"You taste so sweet." he moaned. I flipped him over o I was on top. I kissed down his chest and unbuckled his dress pants belt. (Stealing this idea from icorruptminds sorry but I liked the idea)
I removed his pants and noticed the bulge in his underwear. I removed his underwear with my teeth and he groaned.

"Fuck, Tory." I looked down and gasped. 

This was no Dick. This was a fucking tank. Im going to be demolished. Im going to die tonight, all because I couldn't take this fucking beast. Boy is this gonna hurt.

"Something wrong?" James looked at me.

We fell against eachother once we came. James came first, them me. But not by a distance. I breathed heavily against his chest and sighed.



"Terrific?" he finished our sentence.

"Terrific." I kissed his lips and got up. "Im full of energy now... Want some coffee. Does sex usually make on hungry?" I laughed.

"I don't know." James chuckled as he got out of bed and put on a pair of clean boxers. I put on my bra and underwear and went out to the kitchen to order pizza.

30 minutes later the door bell rang and I opened it hoping for pizza. What I got was... Chad.

"What the hell." he snapped. "I came by and you wernt here. A I stopped at the café. You wernt there either. Where the hell did you go?!" 

"I went out. Chad im sorry I stood you up. I just. I already realized I love someone and I... I don't need you." I shrugged. I didnt know any other way to put it.

James walked out in his boxers and Chad finally took us in.

"You two were fucking?!" he yelled. The door wide open.

"Chad I said I was sorry." I snapped. The pizza guy slowly appeared having the look on his face that he heard everything.

"You're a fucking where Tory. Standing me up foe this asshole."

"If its any consellation, she tastes so good." James mocked. Chad reeled back his hand and punched James square in the face, knocking him to his butt. Chad stormed away and the pizza guy stood there gaping.

I handed him 20 dollars and signed the receipt.

"You sure hes okay?" the pizza guy glanced at James holding his nose with a paper towel drenched in blood.

"Hell be fine. Thankyou for the pizza." I shut the door and slammed the pizza onto the coffee table. 

"Are you fucking serious!? You humiliated me! Oh she tastes so good. Yeah. Fuck you Watson!" I hollered.

"Did you just quote a book." James laughed.

I coulsnt help but laugh too.

"Yeah... I think I did. Or that's what I always yelled to Watson when I read sherlock Holmes." I laughed.

James continued laughing.

"Were so fucked up." he threw his head back.

"Ditch that bitch." I waved chad off.

"Yeah!" James agreed and flipped off my front door. "Ditch this bitch." 


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