The roommate

Tory levvington needs a roommate. Not because she needs one, but because she's bored of being alone. When she finally finds the right roommate, things don't go as expected...

"Tory." he whispered in my ear. Shivers falling down my back.
"I...I can't do this." I shuddered.
"But, Tory." he groaned as he slid his hands across my stomach.
"Please. I don't want to..." I let out a moan as he sucked on my ear.
"James..." I sighed as I melted into his hold.
"I knew you couldn't resist me." he cooed.
"Shut it." I said and spun around, placing my chest against his, and kissed him hard.


10. Company got a little too comfortable


I set out bowls along the coffee table and made sure they were even.

"Remember james. If you see anything empty, tell me so I can refill it."

"Who's bringing the beer?" he asked from the kitchen.

"Whoever feels like bringing it?" I shrugged with a laugh.

"Great." he said sarcastically.

"Don't fret. I bet Keith or Gavin will get it. Taylor might even." I said. 

"Yeah but... Keith gets the gross kind..." he whined.

"Oh my God. Fine. Ill call Delilah." I rolled my eyes. "I just want this night to be perfect." 

"And it will be baby." James snack up behind me and kissed my forehead.

"Why do you do that?" I groaned.

"Do what?" he smiled.

"Act like were a couple. Were just experimenting." I said.

"Experimenting? You call that expirimenting?" he snorted.

"Hey. Im not even sure if I want to Fuck you or not." I poked his cheek.

"You use such vulgar words... I like it." he purred and sucked on my ear. I let out a giggle and stepped away.

"Stawwwp. James. We need to get the stuff set up for tonight." I sighed.

"Ah...... Fine." he dragged his feet along the carpet and headed to his room. 

I went into the kitchen and started cleaning. I swept the floor, disinfected the counters, dusted everything off, and what do you know? James hasn't left his room.

I stomp down the hall and accidentally tip over my old crutches.

"James! Why the hell did you get these out!? They were in your closet." I yelled as I got to my feet and picked them up. I opened his door and he bombarded me.

He threw down the crutches and picked me up by the waist, throwing me on his bed. This was all before I could get through his door.

"You broke rule number four. Now you pay the price." he said as he started kissing me. I turned my head, denying his kisses.

"And now rule #5 has appeared on our white board... No punishing roommate when breaking rule by A)rape, B)ton of kisses, C)large objects, and D)anything involving sexual or non sexual intercourse." I said as I shoved him off.

"That is so not fair." he groaned and flopped onto his bed.

"Its Absalutly fair." I laughed and threw the crutches by his head.

" put those away lover boy." I smiled.
It seemed as if the hole apartment building was in my apartment. Music blasted and drunk people were everywhere. 

I made my way to every guest making sure they had what they needed and I finally got to sit down. I sighed with relief when a girl came up to me and told me someone puked in the bathroom floor.

I groaned and got up. 

Back to work.

I headed down the hall when I heard someone say my name.

"Tory." they whined.

"Hello?" I asked. My door creaked open and a shadow peered out.

"Come here." they said. I went into my room and suddenly the door slammed shut.

"What the hell?!" I snapped. All the lights were shut off so I couldn't see anything. The person grabbed my hair and ripped my head back.

"Scream, and I will hurt you." the voice sounded familiar. 

"Wh... Who are you?" I choked out.

"None of your business." he purred as he kissed my neck sloppily. I shuddered in disgust.

"You don't have to do this." I whispered.

"Shut up and take off your clothes." he demanded. I started to shake.

"What so you want?" I asked. I've watched enough movies to know what was going to happen to me.

"You." he climbed on top of me.
I let out a scream when he tried to touch me. He covered my mouth and I bit him.

"You bitch." he had a strong hold on my arms as he started using his other hand to make his way down my chest to my thigh. I started to cry when he touched me.

I wiggled and squirmed, anything to get him off.
When he was done he demanded me to put on my clothes and he quickly slipped out my door. I sat on my bed in my bra and underwear and just broke down. My shoulders shook and tears rolled down by the dozen.

My door opened and the light got turned on.

"Tory? What the hell?" Bash asked. His voice sounded so... Like that mans. Bit it couldn't have been him.

"Somebody... They..." I looked down at myself and started sobbing again.

Bash took a seat next to me and rubbed my back.

"Did they..." he coulsnt finish. I nodded and Bash hugged me as tight as possible.
I sipped my coffee while I sat on the kitchen island. My hands shook and no matter how much I drank i was still parched. James came in with a quizzical look.

"Are you okay?" james laughed. "That's your seventh cup this morning." 

I shook my head and looked away.

"What happened?" he put his hand on my knee. I jumped and flicked his hand off.

"Nothing." james manuveured himself between my legs and looked me in the eye.

"Something happened last night." he said roughly. I jumped off the island and put my cup in the sink.

"I don't want to talk about it." I choked out.

"Tory." he grabbed my arm and spun me around to face him.

"Dont touch me." I said, scared.

"Tell me." he demanded.

"I got fucking raped!" I snapped. James was speechless. He stood there, his arm going limp to his side, and gaped.

"Who." he whispered.

"I Dont fucking know." I sobbed.
James had gotten the police involved. They searched my room for any clues and dug through my house. James stuck by my side the whole time.

"We Dont have much, but well get that son of a bitch i promise." the police officer gave me a sympathetic look.

"Thank you." james said. 
I refused to sleep in my bedroom so I slept on the couch. I couldn't sleep either so I kind of just laid there. James came out of his room and went into the kitchen. I heard him running the sink and then it stopped. 

He silently set a glass of water on the coffee table and headed back to his room.

"You didn't use a coaster." I mumbled. I heard him chuckle and he shuffled over to me. He set my feet on his lap and smiled.

We stayed up all night, none of us saying a word. The silence seemed a lot better. Calmer. It didn't make me uneasy.

James finally fell asleep around 5:30 and I knew because he started snoring. I laughed to myself and tried to get domes keep too.

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