Runaways - EP

This is my first album. It includes both audio and lyrics. The actual music is your classic singer/songwriter stuff, filled with lots of piano and a little guitar/drums. I hope you enjoy and please tell me how I can improve.


2. 1. Please





[Verse 1]

Please (Am) don’t cry (G)

Just Wait ( C )

For the sun (Am) to come by(G)


Please (Am) just sit (G)

With me ( C )

And hope(A)  for a little bit (G)



(A)Life will walk (G)

But you ( C )will run. (G)


Life (A) won’t wait, (G)

But I ( c ) will.



Today’s (Am) your day

You’ll show ( C ) the world

That everyone (Am) is saved

By simple (C) word:

Love. (G,Am; Am, G)


 [Verse 2]

Please (Am), lead them (G)

Away ( C )

For you know (A) their heart are slim (G).


Please (Am), just teach (G)

That word ( C )

That (Am) you know. (G)


[Chorus x 2]

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