The Adventures of George Weasley: Vengence

George Weasley copes with the loss of his brother, Fred, while plotting his vengeance on Agustus Rookwood. As Harry Ron and Hermione try to help him get over his loss by the reconstruction of Hogwarts, he learns that there is more important things than revenge as he forms a strong bond with a certain female Ravenclaw.


3. Back to Hogwarts

"   It was too painful. As I walked back through the gates I knew so well, I could think of no one else but Fred. The very thought of him and I all those years ago, standing right were I was now, plotting how to next anger Filtch was almost too much to bear. The very walls seem to whisper his name, pounding his vivid image into my mind.




   Harry cast me a concerned look. I knew that he, of all people, would understand how I felt. Giving Hermione and Ron a meaningful look, they walked on and began to repair the ceiling near Hogwarts entrance.

"I need to talk to Nearly-Headless Nick." I croaked. My voice was hoarse from lack of use. Harry sighed, his bright green eyes boring into mine. As I turned and walked in the direction of Griffindor tower, I heard Harry speak.

"He won't come back," Harry murmured. "He will have gone on."

"YOU DONT KNOW THAT!" I expected Harry to recoil at my sudden anger, but he didn't. 

"Yes I do, George. He won't come back as a ghost. Fred would not want to remain here and see you despair. He would want you to heal, repair, and get on with your life until you can see him again."

I stood in the hall, staring at him.

"And, George?" He said, his eyes pitying. " If you ever need anything, I'll be here."

So Harry left, leaving me alone with my confused and very sad thoughts

Authors Note: Ok, I have a couple questions for you. First off, do you remember the Thestral scene with Hagrid? Good. Now, do you remember when Harry encountered Luna in the woods, feeding the Thestrals? Every tiny detail? Are you sure? Ok. Thats good. Lets get this show on the road.

  I sighed. I knew deep down that Harry was right. But that didn't make me want to believe him. My feet carried me out of the castle, onto the grounds and down the small,winding path to the Forbidden Forest. I walked without seeing, blinded by my own sadness. In those few seconds, I lost my footing. I opened my eyes, a sharp pain throbbing on my forehead, surprised to see myself lying at the bottom of a huge cherry tree, evidently deeper then I had ever been in the woods. I could feel wetness on my face, a combination of blood and tears. I scooted myself onto the bottom branch of the big tree, letting my body be at rest on its soft, mossy dampness. Tears cascaded down my face as I observed the scenery. I couldn't have chosen a better place. The tree had a soft current river and a large, clear watered pond on its right side. On its left sat a large meadow filled with bright blue wildflowers. Surrounding my tree, the creek and the meadow were raspberry, blueberry and Blackberry bushes. The opening I had come through was an old, flower covered arch. I hadn't relized how long I had been walking until I noticed that I was almost to the edge of the woods. As my tears subsided, I felt a little better.

But not much.

  I was alerted by a slight rustling of a bush underneath me. Looking down, i laughed. A real, genuine laugh. For mere feet underneath me sat a newborn thestral. It brayed at me gently, and licked my dripping blood off the bracken below.

"Funny, isn't it, how such a gentle creature could be attracted to something so austere?" I said aloud, to no one in particular.

 "Oh yes, I would say it is quite funny," said a soft, feminine voice. My head snapped around to see a grey dappled hare morphing into a blonde, blue eyed girl.


Authors note: Thank you so much for reading!! I will be updating soon! PLEASE like and comment!

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