It's like we never happened, was it just a lie?


5. After part 2

Another six months later

I’m dating Finn for six months now. Allie still doesn’t like him, just like the rest of my friends and I still don’t know why Luke beat Finn. Every time when it’s about Luke my friends act weird. I mean he is the one who drove the truck, I don’t get why they’re still talking to him. Lately, I get more often headaches. The doctor said that it’s normal and that I can have my memory back, but that’s not sure of course. Also, the school year is almost over and next week it’s prom! So excited since Finn asked me to be his date.

“Lola!” Allie yells. I’m standing at the bus stop waiting to go home. “Why haven’t you waited for me?” She asks out of breath. “You ran?” I giggle. “What’s there to giggle?” No, she giggles too. “Wow! Watch out you’re not falling down now. HAHA!” I laugh. She slaps my arm. “You’re so sarcastic.” She laughs back. The bus finally arrives and we take our usual seats. Luke enters the bus and gives me a small smile. Instead of sitting in the back where he always sits, he takes the seat in front of us. ”Lola, I’m sorry for beating Finn. I know it’s been six months now but I want you to know I’m very sorry.” He says looking me in the eyes. “You’re about a lot of things lately…” I say rudely. He swallows and turns back around. “Why’s he even sitting here?” I whisper as quiet as possible. “I don’t know, ask him.” Allie says. “No, thanks.” I say and look outside. “So, do you already have a date for prom?” Allie asks. “Yes!” I say with a big smile. “Don’t tell me it’s Finn, Lola please!” She begs. “Why do you all hate him so much and what is it that won’t tell me?” I higher my voice a little. “There’s nothing to tell he’s just a jerk!” Allie gets mad. “Lola please I’m begging you, don’t go to prom with Finn.” I see Luke is listening. Why does he even sit here and not in the back with Calum and his two other friends. As he turns his head I see a tear running down his cheek. He probably has done something stupid and now his friends are mad at me him or something like that.  I don’t care. “I’m going to prom with Finn and there’s no one who can stop me, not even you Allie.” I say. She sighs and put her music on.

10PM and I’m still learning for math. I can’t concentrate me anymore, it’s too late but I know if I now quit learning I’m going to fail tomorrow. I’ll repeat it one more time and then I’ll get up earlier to repeat again… or I quit now… Yes, I’m going to do that. I close my book for math and put my other books in my backpack. Now it’s already 10:30PM, I really need to go to sleep. I’m heading towards the bathroom when I get a massive headache. I fall on the floor and everything goes black.

I wake up, clearly I’m still lying on the floor where I fell last night. I’ve had a nightmare about Finn where Luke saved me from him, it was weird. I stand up this time really heading to the bathroom. I get into the shower, brush my teeth and look for clothes in my huge closet. I find some black pants and a black t-shirt that’s way too big for me but it’s comfy so I don’t care. Why did I buy this shirt anyways? I’m walking downstairs to the kitchen where mom and my brothers are eating breakfast. They both look at my shirt, probably wondering why I wear this way too big shirt. “What? I know it’s too big but it’s comfy and it smells good, different than my others.” Mom smiles and my brother doesn’t react. “You know mom, I’ve got this really weird dream about Luke saving me from Finn.” I say. “What did you dream?” She asks curiously. “I was 16 and I was walking home but it was already dark outside. Then Finn came and he grabbed, he actually hurt me. He threw me on the ground and then wanted to take off my clothes. I got really scared so I screamed as loud as possible. In the meantime, Finn had already taken off his pants so I could see his ***. I screamed and I tried to take him off of me but he was too strong. Then suddenly Luke was there and he slapped Finn knockout. He took me in his arms and carried me home.” I see mom crying and my brother looking terrified. I don’t understand, it’s just a nightmare, though. “That’s not a dream.” My brother says still looking terrified. “How that’s not a dream? I mean I’m dating Finn for six months now. He would never do something like that.” I say while pouring some milk into a mug. “Lola, that really happened. Finn spent 4 months in a closed institution.” My brother explains. “Finn tried to rape me?” I ask. I get tears in my eyes, I can’t believe this. “Yes, he did.” My mom answers wiping her tears. “Luke saved me? Carried me home?” I sob. She nods her head. “I don’t understand.” I say. She sighs. “You’re not supposed to hate Luke, Lola. The shirt you’re wearing, it’s not yours, it’s Luke’s.”  She stands up and cleans up the table. What is she talking about? I thought I hated Luke, and even more now I know he was the one in the truck. Mom turns around and looks me into my eyes very deeply. “Luke wasn’t the one in the truck, he’s the one who saved you.” Mom takes a picture out of her wallet and gives it to me. It was a picture of Luke and me where he’s kissing cheek. “I feel so bad for him.” I say crying.


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