It's like we never happened, was it just a lie?


4. After part 1

S ix months later

The summer vacation is over and today it’s my first day of school. I still don’t have my memory back. I only recognize my parents and my brother. My friends, who I don’t remember being my friends, tell me all the time about our friendship, show me pictures and stuff I wrote. These people are really sweet and really care about me, they try to help me as much as they can to get my memory back but I can't remember anything, how much I try, or how much I want to get it back, it all doesn't work.

I’m now walking to the bus stop for the first time in six months. The last two months I’ve been in therapy for my car anxiety. Since the accident, I’m scared to cross the street on my own. What if get hit again? I keep asking myself this over and over again.

“Lolaaaaaa!!!!” My friend yells in excitement. “Here I am.,” I say shyly.  “You’re going to have the best day ever!” Allie says with a huge smile. “I hope so. I’m just a little scared, that’s all.” I look down at my feet, staring at my black All Stars. “You don’t have to be, Lola. I’m right by your side.” Allie is my best friend, she showed video tapes of us, letters, and a lot of pictures. I may not remember her, but she has been my greatest support during these six months.

When I enter the bus, I see the same boy sitting in the back who was in the hospital the day I woke up. I didn’t know he went to the same school as me. “Lola, are you okay?” Allie asks because I’m standing in the middle and don’t move a muscle. “I’m okay,” I say taking a seat in the front. “Allie?” I whisper in her ear. “Yes?” she says with a questioning face. “That blond boy in the back, the one with a lip piercing,” I whisper as quiet as I can. “What’s with him?” She asks. “He was in the hospital, the day I woke up. He kissed my cheek twice which scared me after he told me he was the one who drove the truck.”  Allie gets tears in her eyes. “What’s wrong? Is there something I don’t know?” I ask her. It takes her a while before answering me. “No, no, there’s something in my eye.” She says as she rubs in it. I look at her with a strange face. “What?” She asks. “You don’t forget to say something important to me? Something important?” I say. “No…”

At school

We’re walking to our last class before noon. People have been so nice to me today. Next, math, sooo boring! It’s just because I’m so bad in it and I hate it!! Allie is already sitting in class. I take the seat next to her and put a pen and paper on the table. “I’m so not in this today.” I say. “You’re never in this, haha!” We laugh until suddenly the blond boy with the lip piercing comes in. “What’s he doing here?” I ask her. “He takes class with us.” She answers and keeps staring at him. He frowns his eyebrows like he’s saying “What? Why’re you staring at me?” . The teacher comes in and starts immediately. “What was that?” I ask her. “What?” She asks. “That thing with the blond guy.” I whisper so the teacher can’t hear me. “Nothing.” She says while writing. “Is he your secret lover?” I ask and giggle. “OMG NO!” She says loudly so everyone hears. “Is there a problem?” The teacher asks. “No sir.” We say in unison.

After an hour, math is finally over. “I’ll go to the toilet.” I say to Allie. “Sure, I’ll wait here.” She says when I enter the restroom. I wash my hands and hear Allie talking to a guy. “Why did you say something so horrible to her?” She asks. “Because it’s better when she hates me.” I hear the guy answering. “What? Nooo why??” Allie says in disbelief. “You know Allie, these six months has been so hard for me. I really love her! The last time we talked we were fighting about som

ething very stupid and the last thing she said to me was: “If you don’t love me anymore, then just be honest with me.” I was planning our 5th anniversary and I couldn’t tell her because it was supposed to be a surprise.” So I said nothing and left. You know how hard it was when she…” He stops talking. “Everything okay?” I say. They both look up startled. “I need to go.” He says and leaves. I look after him till he disappears. “What was that all about? 5th anniversary? Trouble with his girlfriend?” I ask. “Yeah, she broke up with him.” Allie says. “After five years? How rude!” I say while walking outside. “I know…”

“Hey, beautiful girl!” A boy says at comes sitting next to me. “Hi…” I say shyly. “Go away, Finn!” Allie almost yells. “Okay.” he says, gives me kiss on my cheek and leaves. “What was that for?” I ask Allie. “He’s my worst enemy!” She says madly. “FINN WTF I’LL KILL YOU!!!” I hear a familiar voice screaming. “What’re you gonna do Hemmings?”. The blond boy gets so mad. He slaps Finns face, not once, not twice, he just keeps on going. “OMG.” Allie and I say. Three other boys run to the blond boy and try to stop him. “Luke! Stop it!” The one with the black hair says. I stand up and run up to Finn. “Are you okay?” I ask. “I’m fine, I guess.” I walk over to the blond boy. “WTF Luke?” I start. “First, you almost killed me with that huge truck you were riding and now you beat up Finn? You should be in prison!” I yell. The four boys look at me like they can’t believe what I just said. “Lola, Luke didn’t…”. The boy with the red hair says but gets interrupted by Luke. “Shut up Calum, we’re going.” Luke says. “But Luke?” The three boys say in unison. “WE’RE GOING!” He yells.

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