Short Stories: Daily

I am going to write in this Movellas daily, a different genre every day, that's why it is other.
I am doing to try and stretch my writing ability.


6. June 24th|Non-fiction

Top 10 Facts about the Body


Two Million red blood cells are made and another two million worn-out cells are destroyed every second.


Control Network: Most neurons are packed into the brain and the spinal cord. Together, these make up the central nervous system and control the body’s activities, communicating with the rest of the body through nerves.


Laughing every day makes the immune system more efficient at defending the body.


The baby’s heart beats for the first time in the fourth week of pregnancy, when they are only the size of a fingernail.


The human eye can distinguish up to 10 million different colours.


When you are in a lift, your ear sensors tell your brain if you are going up or down.


Growing babies start to dream about 12 weeks before they are born.


Every day, the average person passes enough wind (farts) to fill a party balloon.


Our body temperature, drops slightly at night by about 0.5’C and rises slightly by day.  


 About 6,900 languages are spoken across the world. The most common are Mandarin Chinese, English, Spanish, Hindi, and Russian.

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